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Phase Stability and Transformation of Energy Storage Materials

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Guest Editor: Songmao Liang
Co-Guest Editors: Bin Ouyang
Sponsored By: Alloy Phases
Publication Date: December 2022
Keywords: Advanced Materials, Alloy Phases, Computational Materials Science & Engineering, Energy Conversion and Storage, Phase Transformations
Scope: This special topic will cover: (1) structure, chemistry, and processing of energy storage materials; (2) phase transformation, phase stability, and compositional short-range ordering in energy storage materials; (3) recycling of energy storage materials; (4) advanced characterization including neutron scattering, 3-dimension scanning electron microscopy, scanning transmission electron microscopy, in-situ x-ray diffraction, etc.; (5) chemo-mechanical processing of energy storage materials; (6) computational modeling: first-principles density functional theory, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo simulations, phase field, CALPHAD, etc.