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2D Materials – Preparation, Properties & Applications

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Guest Editor: Nuggehalli Ravindra
Co-Guest Editors: Ramana Chintalapalle
Publication Date: March 2023
Keywords: Advanced Materials, Characterization, Electronic Materials, Magnetic Materials, Nanotechnology, 2D Materials, Preparation, Properties , Applications
Scope: Since the discovery of graphene, interest in basic and applied research in 2D-materials has been on the rise. Challenges and opportunities continue to grow in the areas of process-property-performance correlations in 2D- materials. This special topic will include coverage of: methods of fabrication and material properties; top-down approach – mechanical exfoliation, liquid phase exfoliation, ball-milling based exfoliation; bottom-up approach – chemical vapor deposition, wet chemical synthesis, and hydro/solvothermal synthesis; and device fabrication, properties, and applications.