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Recycling End of Life Products Containing Aluminium

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Guest Editor: Anne Kvithyld
Co-Guest Editors: Hong Peng
Sponsored By: Aluminum , Aluminum
Publication Date: November 2023
Keywords: Aluminum, Environmental Issues, Molten Metal and Solidification, Recycling and Secondary Recovery, End of Life Products; Collection; Sorting; Pre-treatment; Melting; Refining; Casting; Environmental Performance
Scope: Recycling end-of-life (EoL) products containing aluminium, e.g. cars, batteries, packaging, drink cartons, electronics, etc. is vital for resource efficiency. Papers representing new insight or technologies in the recycling chain steps: collection, sorting, pre-treatment, melting, refining and casting are invited, together with value chain perspectives. Final product quality and calculations of the environmental performance with higher EoL recycling are also in scope.