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Aluminum: Eliminating GHG Emissions

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Guest Editor: Gudrun Saevarsdottir
Co-Guest Editors: Sai Krishna Padamata
Sponsored By: Aluminum
Publication Date: July 2024
Keywords: Aluminum, Inert Anodes, Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration, Climate Change Mitigation
Scope: Greenhouse gas emissions from the primary production of aluminum must be reduced or eliminated in order to reach climate targets, both from the electrolysis process and the production of the alumina raw material. Progress has been made in the development of inert anode processes in alumina reduction cells, and other alternatives to the Hall Héroult process are being proposed. Also carbon capture with sequestration is being investigated, as well as ways to reduce the carbon footprint of alumina refining. These innovations to reduce carbon emissions bring about some advantages, but also a number of challenges. Authors are invited to submit papers involving methods to decarbonize primary production of aluminum.