EPD Materials Characterization Best Poster Award

This award recognizes the individual excellence of a poster within the Materials Characterization subject area presented the preceding year in an Extraction & Processing Division sponsored session at the Annual Meeting.

Materials Characterization Committee is a technical committee under the Extraction & Processing Division of TMS.

Authors of award winning posters receive a certificate with a ribbon going to the primary author. Award recipients will be acknowledged at the Materials Characterization Committee Meeting during the TMS Annual Meeting.

Special thanks to Bowen Li for initiating this award and his commitment to materials characterization.


Only posters presented during the TMS Annual Meeting symposia on characterization of minerals, metals, and materials and have the full manuscript published in the proceedings of these symposia or JOM journal are eligible.

How to Nominate

No formal submission of nominees.

Materials Characterization Committee (MCC) Best Poster Award Subcommittee: During the TMS Annual Meeting, the MCC Chair and the MCC Poster Section Chair will engage at least five to seven members from MCC and session chairs to be Best Poster Award Subcommittee members for the best poster selection. The Poster Section Chair shall chair the award subcommittee.

The Poster Section Chair will prepare a guideline and hold a subcommittee meeting for the poster review and selection, prior to the poster selection. Each subcommittee member can nominate no more than three posters for subcommittee voting and report to the chair. The chair reviews the nominees to determine the qualification for each poster. The chair will hold a second subcommittee meeting for discussion and vote based on the qualified posters accepted by the subcommittee.

Current Year Awardee(s)

2024 EPD Materials Characterization Best Poster Award - First Place
Jonathan Putman
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2024 EPD Materials Characterization Best Poster Award - First Place
Ellen Williams
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2024 EPD Materials Characterization Best Poster Award - First Place
Peyton Willis
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Past Years Awardees

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