Volume 26, Number 10, October 1997

This Month Featuring: Proceedings from the 8th Biennial Workshop on Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy Dana Point, California, April 13-17, 1997. View October 1997 Abstracts.


Foreword [p. 1097]
Catherine Caneau and Rajaram Bhat

The Effect of Substrate Surface Roughness on GaN Growth Using MOCVD Process [pp. 1098-1102]
Dongwha Kum and Dongjin Byun

Characterization of MOVPE-Grown (Al,In,Ga)N Heterostructures by Quantitative Analytical Electron Microscopy [pp. 1103-1108]
H. Lakner, G. Brockt, C. Mendorf, A. Radefeld, F. Scholz, V. Härle, J. Off, and A. Sohmer

Stability and Interface Abruptness of InxGa1-xN/InyGa1-yN Multiple Quantum Well Structures Grown by OMVPE [pp.1109-1113]
J.C. Ramer, D. Zubia, G. Liu, and S.D. Hersee

Nucleation and Growth Behavior for GaN Grown on (0001) Sapphire via Multistep Growth Approach [pp.1114-1117]
J.T. Kobayashi, N.P. Kobayashi, and P.D. Dapkus

Flow Modulation Epitaxy of Indium Gallium Nitride [pp.1118-1122]
S. Keller, U.K. Mishra, and S.P. DenBaars

Al-Ga-In-Nitride Heterostructures: MOVPE Growth in Production Reactors and Characterization [pp.1123-1126]
R. Beccard, O. Schoen, B. Wachtendorf, D. Schmitz, H. Juergensen, and E. Woelk

Electrical and Optical Properties of Oxygen Doped GaN Grown by MOCVD Using N2O [pp.1127-1130]
R. Niebuhr, K.H. Bachem, U. Kaufmann, M. Maier, C. Merz, B. Santic, P. Schlotter, and H. Jürgensen

The Use of Atmospheric Pressure MOVPE for the Growth of High Performance Uncooled 1300 nm DFB Lasers [pp. 1131-1133]
A.J. Taylor, A.S. Bridges, J. Hardwick, H. Lage, R.H. Moss, and W.S. Ring

GaAs Microlens Arrays Grown by Shadow Masked MOVPE [pp. 1134-1139]
G.M. Peake, S.Z. Sun, and S.D. Hersee

Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxial Growth of All-AlGaAs Visible (~700 nm) Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers on Misoriented Substrates [pp. 1140-1144]
H.Q. Hou, M. Hagerott Crawford, B.E. Hammons, and R.J. Hickman

In-Situ Monitoring and Control for MOCVD Growth of AlGaAs and InGaAs [pp. 1145-1153]
A. Kussmaul, S. Vernon, P.C. Colter, R. Sudharsanan, A. Mastrovito, K.J. Linden, N.H. Karam, S.C. Warnick, and M.A. Dahleh

On-Line Growth Monitoring of InP-Based Device Structures by Reflectance Anisotropy Spectroscopy [pp.1154-1158]
P. Kurpas, M. Sato, A. Knauer, and M. Weyers

Formation of GaAsP Interface Layers Monitored by Reflectance Anisotropy Spectroscopy [pp. 1159-1163]
P. Kurpas, A. Oster, M. Weyers, A. Rumberg, K. Knorr, and W. Richter

Surface Photoabsorption Monitoring of the Growth of GaAs and InGaAs at 650° by MOCVD [pp. 1164-1168]
Y.D. Kim, F. Nakamura, E. Yoon, D.V. Forbes, X. Li, and J.J. Coleman

Ligand Exchange Reactions in Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy [pp. 1169-1173]
M.J. Kappers, M.L. Warddrip, K.J. Wilkerson, and R.F. Hicks

Trisneopentylgallium as a Precursor for Atomic Layer Epitaxy of GaAs [pp. 1174-1177
P. Yeo, R. Arès, S.P. Watkins, G.A. Horley, P. O'Brien, and A.C. Jones

Growth Study of AlGaAs Using Dimethylethylamine Alane as the Aluminum Precursor [pp. 1178-1183]
H.Q. Hou, W.G. Breiland, B.E. Hammons, R.M. Biefeld, K.C. Baucom, and R.A. Stall

Role of High Energy Photons in Dual Spectral Source Rapid Isothermal CVD [pp. 1184-1188]
R. Singh and Y. Chen

Mechanism of Doping Gallium Arsenide with Carbon Tetrachloride During Organometallic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy [pp. 1189-1193]
M.L. Warddrip, M.J. Kappers, L. Li, H. Qi, B.K. Han, S. Gan, and R.F. Hicks

Self-Limiting OMCVD Growth of GaAs on V-Grooved Substrates with Application to InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Wires [pp. 1194-1198]
Giorgio Biasiol, Frank Reinhardt, Anders Gustafsson, and Eli Kapon

Growth of Direct Bandgap GaInP Quantum Dots on GaP Substrates [pp. 1199-1204]
Jong-Won Lee, Alfred T. Schremer, Dan Fekete, James R. Shealy, and Joseph M. Ballantyne

Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxial Growth and Structural Characterization of Self-Assembled InAs Nanometer-Sized Islands on InP(001) [pp. 1205-1213]
H. Marchand, P. Desjardins, S. Guillon, J.-E. Paultre, Z. Bougrioua, R.Y.-F. Yip, and R.A. Masut

Formation of a Step-Free InAs Quantum Well Selectively Grown on a GaAs (111)B Substrate [pp. 1214-1220]
Toshio Nishida and Naoki Kobayashi

MOVPE Growth of InPSb/InAs Heterostructures for Mid Infrared Emitters [pp. 1221-1224]
M. Heuken, C.V. Eichel-Streiber, A. Behres, B. Schineller, K. Heime, C. Mendorf, G. Brockt, and H. Lakner

The Growth of InAsSb/InAsP Strained-Layer Superlattices for Use in Infrared Emitters [pp. 1225-1230]
R.M. Biefeld, A.A. Allerman, S.R. Kurtz, and J.H. Burkhart

OMVPE Growth of GaInAsSb/AlGaAsSb for Quantum-Well Diode Lasers [pp. 1231-1236]
C.A. Wang and H.K. Choi

Growth of Tin-Doped Indium Antimonide for Magnetoresistors [pp. 1237-1243]
D.L. Partin, L. Green, J. Heremans, and C.M. Thrush

Effects of Group V Precursor and Step Structure on Ordering in GaInP [pp. 1244-1249]
S.H. Lee, Yu Hsu, and G.B. Stringfellow

Growth of Order/Disorder Heterostructures in GaInP Using a Variation in V/III Ratio [pp. 1250-1255]
Y.S. Chun, Y. Hsu, I.H. Ho, T.C. Hsu, H. Murata, G.B. Stringfellow, J.H. Kim, and T.-Y. Seong

MOVPE of ZnMgSSe Heterostructures for Optically Pumped Blue-Green Lasers [pp. 1256-1260]
H. Kalisch, H. Hamadeh, J. Müller, G.P. Yablonskii, A.L. Gurskii, J. Woitok, J. Xu, and M. Heuken

The Morphology of CdTe Deposited by Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy: The Effect of Substrate Misorientation [pp. 1261-1264]
K. Yong, P.J. Sides, and A.J. Gellman

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