Volume 28B, No. 12, December 1997

This Month Featuring: Composite Materials; Hydrometallurgy; Pyrometallurgy; Transport Phenomena; Physical Chemistry; Solidification; Solid State Reactions; Materials Processing; Mathematical Modeling. View December 1997 Abstracts.

Composite Materials

Investigation of Thermal Residual Stresses in Layered Composite Using the Finite Element Method and X-Ray Diffraction [pp. 969-978]
S. Ho and E.J. Lavernia


The Leaching Kinetics of Chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) in Ammonium Iodide Solutions with Iodine [pp. 979-985]
Y. Charles Guan and Kenneth N. Han

Preparation of Ultra-High-Purity Copper by Anion Exchange [pp. 987-993]
Tamas Kekesi, Kouji Mimura, Yukio Ishikawa, and Minoru Isshiki

The Leaching of Nickeliferous Laterite with Ferric Chloride [pp. 995-1000]
Norman D.H. Munroe


Dissolution of Hard-Alpha Inclusions in Liquid Titanium Alloys [pp. 1001-1010]
J.P. Bellot, B. Foster, S. Hans, E. Hess, D. Ablitzer and A. Mitchell

Thermodynamic Optimization of the Systems PbO-SiO2, PbO-ZnO, ZnO-SiO2 and PbO-ZnO-SiO2 [pp. 1011-1018]
Evgueni Jak, Sergei Degterov, Ping Wu, Peter C. Hayes, and Arthur D. Pelton

Reaction Mechanism on the Smelting Reduction of Iron Ore by Solid Carbon [pp. 1019-1028]
Jae-Cheol Lee, Dong-Joon Min, and Sung-Soo Kim

Copper Removal from Carbon-Saturated Molten Iron with Al2S3-FeS Flux [pp. 1029-1037]
Ryokichi Shimpo, Yuichi Fukaya, Takehiro Ishikawa, and Osamu Ogawa

The Kinetics of Selenium Removal from Molten Copper by Powder Injection [pp. 1039-1051]
Y.F. Zhao and G.A. Irons

Transport Phenomena

Bubble and Liquid Flow Characteristics in a Wood's Metal Bath Stirred by Bottom Helium Gas Injection [pp. 1053-1061]
Manabu Iguchi, Hirohiko Tokunaga, and Hideo Tatemichi

Physical Chemistry

The Intrinsic Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of SrCO3 by a Nonisothermal Technique [pp. 1063-1068]
I. Arvanitidis, Du Sichen, H.Y. Sohn, and S. Seetharaman

Reduction of Titanium Dioxide in a Nonequilibrium Hydrogen Plasma [pp. 1069-1080]
Daniel E. Bullard and David C. Lynch

Detailed Assessment of Integral Thermodynamic Quantities of Liquid Bi-Sn Alloy Solution System [pp. 1081-1087]
Seung-Am Cho and Jose Luis Ochoa

Activities in the System Cryolite-Alumina [pp. 1089-1093]
Ernest W. Dewing and Jomar Thonstad

Thermodynamics of the System NaF-AlF3: Part VII. Non-Stoichiometric Solid Cryolite [pp. 1095-1097]
Ernest W. Dewing

The Solubility of ZnO and ZnAl2O4 in Cryolite Melts [pp. 1099-1101]
E.W. Dewing, S. Rolseth, L. Støen, and J. Thonstad

Thermodynamics of Mixed Oxide Compounds, Li2O · Ln2O3 (Ln = Nd or Ce) [pp. 1103-1110]
K.V. Gourishankar, G.K. Johnson, and Irving Johnson

Thermodynamics of MnO, FeO, and Phosphorus in Steelmaking Slags with High MnO Contents [pp. 1111-1118]
A.T. Morales and R.J. Fruehan

Enthalpies of Formation of Liquid Binary (Copper + Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel) Alloys [pp. 1119-1130]
I.V. Nikolaenko and M.A. Turchanin

Deoxidation Equilibria of Calcium and Magnesium in Liquid Iron [pp. 1131-1139]
Hiroki Ohta and Hideaki Suito

A High-Accuracy, Calibration-Free Technique for Measuring the Electrical Conductivity of Molten Oxides [pp. 1141-1149]
Susan L. Schiefelbein and Donald R. Sadoway

Thermodynamics of Phosphorus in Molten Si-Fe and Si-Mn Alloys [pp. 1151-1155]
Shigeru Ueda, Kazuki Morita, and Nobuo Sano

Determination of Kinetic Parameters Using Differential Thermal Analysis--Application to the Decomposition of CaCO3 [pp. 1157-1164]
X. Xiao, Du Sichen, H.Y. Sohn, and S. Seetharaman

Communication: Solutions of CeO2 in Cryolite Melts [p. 1257]
Ernest W. Dewing and Jomar Thonstad

Communication: Dependence of Carbon Solubility on Oxygen Partial Pressure for 80 Mass Pct BaO-MnO and CaOsatd-B2O3 Slags [pp. 1257-1259]
Mamiko Mori, Kazuki Morita, and Nobuo Sano


Modeling of Solidification of Metal-Matrix Particulate Composites with Convection [pp. 1165-1183]
R.J. Feller and C. Beckermann

Models for the Isothermal Coarsening of Secondary Dendrite Arms in Multicomponent Alloys [pp. 1185-1187]
Qingyou Han, Hanqi Hu, and Xueyou Zhong

Solid State Reactions

Influence of Short Circuiting on the Kinetics and Mechanism of Iodide Film Growth on Ag and Cd-Doped Ag [pp. 1189-1198]
S.C. Kuiry, S.K. Roy, and S.K. Bose

Materials Processing

A Flame Process for Synthesis of Unagglomerated, Low-Oxygen Nanoparticles: Application to Ti and TiB2 [pp. 1199-1211]
R.L. Axelbaum, D.P. DuFaux, C.A. Frey, and S.M.L. Sastry

A Thermal Elastic-Plastic Finite-Element Analysis to Roll-Life Prediction on the Twin Roll Strip Continuous Casting Process [pp. 1213-1225]
C.G. Kang and Y.D. Kim

Analysis of Multicomponent Evaporation in Electron Beam Melting and Refining of Titanium Alloys [pp. 1227-1239]
A. Powell, J. Van Den Avyle, B. Damkroger, J. Szekely, and U. Pal

Effect of Pd, Cu, and Ni Additions on the Kinetics of NiCl2 Reduction by Hydrogen [pp. 1241-1248]
S.R. Stopic, I.B. Ilic, and D.P. Uskokovic

Mathematical Modeling

Modeling of Solidification of Molten Metal Droplet during Atomization [pp. 1249-1255]
Y.H. Su and C.-Y.A. Tsao


Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Volume 28A, December 1997

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