TMS Specialty Congress

One Registration. Three Meetings. Countless Benefits.

The TMS Specialty Congress annually convenes the Society’s recurring specialty meetings into one, synergistic event with a single registration fee. This enables attendees to explore their particular technical interest in-depth, while also having access to cross-disciplinary learning and collaboration opportunities with aligned materials communities. Plan to join us for an upcoming Congress!

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Upcoming Meetings

Specialty Congress 2026
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June 21-25, 2026
Anaheim Marriott | Anaheim, California, USA

Past Meetings

Specialty Congress 2024

June 16–20, 2024
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

About the TMS Specialty Congress Series

The TMS Specialty Congress series consolidates multiple specialized conferences organized by TMS into a unified event. By combining these gatherings into a single cohesive experience under a single registration fee, the congress offers attendees a focused platform to showcase their research and expertise. Participants benefit from intimate, small-scale environments tailored to their specific technical interests, facilitating meaningful interactions with renowned experts in their fields. Additionally, the congress promotes cross-disciplinary learning by providing access to insights and collaboration opportunities across various materials communities that share aligned interests. This unique structure enhances networking, knowledge exchange, and collaborative efforts among researchers, engineers, and industry professionals, ultimately advancing the collective understanding and application of materials science and engineering.

About TMS

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) is a professional society that connects minerals, metals, and materials scientists and engineers who work in industry, academia, and government positions around the world. We create networking, publication, and professional development opportunities by convening international conferences, publishing books and journals, administering awards, conducting short courses and training, and bringing together the professional community to address issues of common concern. Learn more at the TMS website.