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Materials Week '97: ASM's Materials Solutions Conference Program

September 14-18, 1997 · MATERIALS WEEK '97 · Indianapolis, Indiana

MW97 Logo Focusing on physical metallurgy and materials, Materials Week '97, which incorporates the TMS Fall Meeting, features a wide array of technical symposia sponsored by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) and ASM International.

The meeting will be held September 14-18 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Materials Week '97 technical program will be held concurrently with several ASM-sponsored specialty conferences: 17th ASM Heat Treating Conference & Exposition, United Thermal Spray Conference, and the Materials Solutions Conference. The programming planned for the Materials Solutions Conference is described on this page.

The Materials Week '97 registration fee provides access to all of these conferences. For additional detail on the ASM-sponsored conferences, visit ASM's Annual Event '97 site.

Accelerated Cooling/Direct Quench of Steels (Joint with 17th ASM Heat Treating Conference & Exposition) Room 107
  • Monday AM--Structural Steels I
  • Monday PM--Structural Steels II
  • Tuesday AM--Hot Strip Mill Prods I
  • Tuesday PM--Hot Strip Mill Prods II
  • Wednesday AM--Direct Forge Quench/HT I
  • Wednesday PM--Direct Forge Quench HT II
Aerospace/Defense Applications of Light Weight Materials Room 116
  • Thursday AM
  • Thursday PM
Applied Concurrent Engineering Tentative Room 112
  • Tuesday AM
  • Tuesday PM
  • Wednesday AM
  • Wednesday PM
Automotive Materials Technology Room 148*
  • Monday AM--Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles I
  • Monday PM--Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles II
  • Monday AM--Materials Testing & Quality Control I *Room 160
  • Monday PM--Materials Testing & Quality Control II *Room 160
  • Tuesday AM--Engine Power Components Matls & Processes to Meet High Mileage Dependability Goals
  • Tuesday PM--Stainless Steel Automotive Applications
  • Wednesday AM--Wear Resistant Coatings
Characterization of Coatings Room 109
  • Monday AM--Advanced Characterization Techniques & Applications
  • Monday PM--Characterization of Tribological Coatings
  • Tuesday AM--Characterization of Environmental Coatings
Corrosion Resistant Coatings Room 110
  • Monday AM--Alternative to Hard Chrome (Panel 6)
  • Monday PM--Advanced Surface Treatments for Corrosion Protection
Failure Analysis Room 145*
  • Tuesday AM--Metal Fastener Failure Analysis I
  • Tuesday PM--Metal Fastener Failure Analysis II
  • Wednesday AM--Fatigue Striation Analysis & Life Prediction I
  • Wednesday PM--Fatigue Striation Analysis & Life Prediction II
  • Wednesday PM--Advancements in Motor Sports *Room 143
  • Thursday AM--Residual Stress I *Room 143
  • Thursday PM--Residual Stress II *Room 143
Failure Analysis Workshop Room 162
  • Monday AM
Hard/Soft Magnetic Materials Room 160
  • Wednesday AM--Soft Magnetic Materials I
  • Wednesday PM--Soft Magnetic Materials II
  • Thursday AM--Hard Magnetic Materials
Heavy Equipment Room 116
  • Monday AM--Modeling
  • Monday PM--Ferrous Trends
  • Tuesday AM--Power Transmission Components
  • Tuesday PM--Issues in Materials Selection I
  • Wednesday AM--Issues in Materials Selection II
High Temperature Oxidation Corrosion: Elevated Temperature Hot Corrosion & Oxidation of Alloys Room 138
  • Wednesday PM
  • Thursday AM
Image Analysis Workshop Room 162
  • Monday PM
Joining and Repair of Gas Turbine Components Room 138
  • Monday AM--Weldability of Austenitic Materials I
  • Monday PM--Weldability of Austenitic Materials II
  • Tuesday AM--Brazing of Gas Turbine Components
  • Tuesday PM--Electron Beam Welding, Laser Welding & Ti and TI Aluminides
Laser & Ion Beam Processes Room 110
  • Tuesday AM--Laser Processing & Characteristics
  • Tuesday PM--Laser, Ion Beam & RF Process
Microstructural Characteristics Room 143*
  • Tuesday AM--Materials Characterization and Analysis I
  • Tuesday PM--Materials Characterization and Analysis II
  • Wednesday AM--Advanced Materials Characterization I *Room 144
  • Wednesday PM--Advanced Materials Characterization II *Room 144
Near Net Shape Manufacturing Room 146
  • Wednesday AM--Powder Consolidation for Small Net Shape Parts
  • Wednesday PM--Innovative Casting Processes for Net Shapes
  • Thursday AM--Freeform Fabrication of Metal Parts & Tooling
  • Thursday PM--Net Shaping of Advanced Materials
Plasma Nitriding & Carburizing Room 109
  • Wednesday AM
  • Wednesday PM
Plasma Processes for Surface Modification & Coating Room 109
  • Tuesday PM
Rapid Prototyping Panel Discussion Room 144
  • Tuesday PM
Reliable Oxide Scales & Coatings for High Temperature Industrial Environments (Joint with Materials Week '97) Room 144
Technology Trends in Near Net Shape Process Room 146
  • Tuesday AM--Industrial Applications
  • Tuesday PM--Technical Developments
Thermal Barrier & Oxidization Resistant Coatings (Joint with United Thermal Spray Conference) Room 117
  • Tuesday PM
  • Wednesday AM
  • Wednesday PM
  • Thursday AM
  • Thursday PM
Vapor Deposition Room 116
  • Wednesday PM
Wear of Engineering Materials Room 147
  • Monday AM--Sliding Wear I
  • Monday PM--Abrasion & Erosion I
  • Tuesday AM--Sliding Wear II
  • Tuesday PM--Erosion I
  • Wednesday AM--Wear & Corrosion
  • Wednesday PM--Abrasion & Erosion II
  • Thursday AM--Abrasion & Erosion III
Wear Resistant Coatings Room 110
  • Wednesday AM--Surface Modification to Reduce Friction & Wear I
  • Wednesday PM--Surface Modification to Reduce Friction & Wear II
Welding of Stainless Steel Alloys: Mechanical & Corrosion Effects from Welding Stainless Steels Room 138
  • Wednesday AM

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