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Materials Week '97: United Thermal Spray Conference

September 14-18, 1997 · MATERIALS WEEK '97 · Indianapolis, Indiana

MW97 Logo Focusing on physical metallurgy and materials, Materials Week '97, which incorporates the TMS Fall Meeting, features a wide array of technical symposia sponsored by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) and ASM International.

The meeting will be held September 14-18 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Materials Week '97 technical program will be held concurrently with several ASM-sponsored specialty conferences: 17th ASM Heat Treating Conference & Exposition, United Thermal Spray Conference, and the Materials Solutions Conference. The programming planned for the 10th National Thermal Spray Conference and Exposition is described on this page.

The Materials Week '97 registration fee provides access to all of these conferences. For additional detail on the ASM-sponsored conferences, visit ASM's Annual Event '97 site.

Aerospace Transportation Room 140
  • Thursday AM--Power Generation I: Aerospace
  • Thursday PM--Power Generation II: Transportation/Power Generation
Commercial Developments Room 162
  • Wednesday AM
High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Room 139
  • Tuesday AM
  • Tuesday PM
Infrastructure Forum Room 140
  • Tuesday AM--Equipment
  • Tuesday PM--Corrosion & Infrastructure
  • Wednesday AM--Materials, Characteristics, & Metallography
Processes Characteristics Room 142
  • Tuesday AM--Process Diagnostics & Control Development
  • Tuesday PM--Spray Process Diagnostics & Modeling
  • Wednesday AM--Coating Formation
  • Wednesday PM--Spray Process Developmts
  • Thursday AM--New Thermal Spray Approaches
Product Developments Room 141
  • Tuesday AM--New Spray Techniques & Plasma Spray Processes
  • Tuesday PM--Novel Coating Technologies & Considerations
Research: Progress in Academia Sagamore 7
  • Monday PM
Residual Stress and Mechanical Properties Room 141
  • Wednesday AM--Residual Stresses
  • Wednesday PM--Mechanical Properties I
  • Thursday PM--Mechanical Properties II
Structural & Property Relationships Room 139
  • Wednesday AM--Process Parameters
  • Wednesday PM--Coating Processing & Testing
  • Thursday AM--Friction and Wear
  • Thursday PM--Wear/Corrosion Resistant Materials
Support & Services Room 162
  • Tuesday AM--Powder Feeders I
  • Tuesday PM--Powder Feeders II
Thermal Barrier & Oxidation Resistant Coatings (Joint with Materials Solutions Conference) Room 117
  • Tuesday PM
  • Wednesday AM
  • Wednesday PM
  • Thursday AM
  • Thursday PM
Welcoming Remarks/Plenary Panel Sagamore 7
  • Monday AM

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