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Materials Week '97: Technical Program Calendar

September 14-18, 1997 · MATERIALS WEEK '97 · Indianapolis, Indiana

Materials Week Logo Focusing on physical metallurgy and materials, Materials Week '97, which incorporates the TMS Fall Meeting, features a wide array of technical symposia sponsored by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) and ASM International. The meeting will be held September 14-18, 1997, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Materials Week '97 will be held concurrently with several ASM-sponsored specialty conferences: 17th ASM Heat Treating Conference & Exposition, United Thermal Spray Conference, and the Materials Solutions Conference. The Materials Week '97 registration fee provides access to all of these conferences.

The following symposia are planned for Materials Week '97. (Programming for the ASM-only conferences are described on other pages.) For web presentation purposes, you may review the abstracts of planned presentations in half-day increments (e.g., all of the symposia planned for Monday moring) or in session-by-session increments (e.g., the Monday morning session of a given symposium).

(Each half-day program file is approx. 150 kb)
Monday AM
Monday PM
Tuesday AM
Tuesday PM
Wednesday AM
Wednesday PM
Thursday AM

Alloy Design and Soldering Technologies for Lead-Free and Lead-Bearing Solders Sagamore Ballroom
Alloy Modeling and Design Room 202
  • Monday AM--Surfaces, Interfaces, and Grain Boundaries in Alloys
  • Monday PM--Short-Range Order and Phase Stability in Alloys
  • Tuesday AM--Physical, Chemical, and Mechanical Properties of Alloys I
  • Tuesday PM--Physical, Chemical, and Mechanical Properties of Alloys II
Aluminum Alloys (General Abstract Session) Room 203
Boundaries and Interfaces in Materials: The David A. Smith Symposium Room 209
Deformation and Microstructure (General Abstract Session) Room 206
Economic Viability of Emerging Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Room 203
Fatigue and Creep of Composite Materials Room 207
Ferrous Metallurgy (General Abstract Session) Room 210
George R. Irwin Symposium on Cleavage Fracture Room 211
Grain Refinement (General Abstract Session) Room 211
High Cycle of Fatigue of Structural Materials Room 206
High Temperature Deformation (General Abstract Session) Room 208
Mechanical Behavior of Bulk Nano-Materials Room 208
Microstructure Evolution: Characterization and Modeling Room 205
Microstructure Property Relationships in / Titanium Alloys Room 210
Modeling Carburizing, Nitriding and Related Diffusional Surface Treatments (Joint with the 17th ASM Heat Treating Conference & Exposition) Room 105
  • Monday AM--Part I: Process Control I
  • Monday AM--Part II: Process Control II
  • Monday PM--Part III: Microstructure and Properties I
  • Monday PM--Part IV: Microstructure and Properties II
Non-Linear Effects in Materials Science Room 201
Phase Transformations (General Abstract Session) Room 210
P/M Current Research and Industrial Practices Room 202
Processing Technologies (General Abstract Session) Room 210
Process and Material Behavior Modeling Room 212
Process Modeling in the High Temperature Materials Industry Room 212
Reliable Oxide Scales and Coatings for High-Temperature Industrial Environments (Joint with the Materials Solutions Conference) Room 144
Testing and Inspection Techniques for Structural Integrity Evaluation and Power Plant Life Extension Room 204
  • Monday AM--Small Specimen Test Techniques
  • Monday PM--Structural Metals--Radiation and Thermal Effects
  • Tuesday AM--Pressure Vessel Steels--Mechanical and Fracture Properties & Radiation Embrittlement
Thermomechanical Processing and Mechanical Properties of Hypereutectoid Steels and Cast Irons Room 212
  • Wednesday AM--Processing of Ultrahigh-Carbon Steels and Cast Irons
  • Wednesday PM--Properties and Performance of Ultrahigh-Carbon Steels and Cast Irons
Titanium Extraction and Processing Room 203

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