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TMS 2009: Exhibitor Spotlight


Exhibitor Spotlight: Wagstaff
Posted January 14, 2009

Over the past 62 years, Wagstaff, Inc. has provided customized, advanced aluminum direct-chill solidification technology to rolling ingot and extrusion billet producers worldwide. Wagstaff clients include Alcoa, Aleris, Chalco, Vedanta, EMAL, Kaiser, Alcan, Sapa, and Hindalco.

Wagstaff offers:
  • casting machines
  • mold tables
  • process automation
  • rolling ingot tooling
  • extrusion billet tooling
  • molten metal level control
  • worldwide service and support

In addition to Wagstaff headquarters and main manufacturing operations in Spokane, Washington, a second manufacturing facility is located in Hebron, Kentucky. Regional representatives for both sales and technical services are located in strategic locations across the globe.

Wagstaff has commissioned over 800 billet systems, 350 ingot casting systems, 100 ShurCast™ Casting Machines and 150 AutoCast™ Automated Casting Control Systems in 54 countries.

For more information on Wagstaff, visit their web site at

For more information...
Wagstaff is part of the TMS 2009 Annual Meeting exhibit. For more information, visit Booth #445 at the Annual Meeting Virtual Exhibit.

Become an Exhibitor...
To reserve a booth at TMS 2009 contact Joe Rostan at 724-776-9000, ext. 231.


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