Diversity in the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Professions 5 (DMMM5)

March 23-27, 2025
Co-located with the TMS 2025 Annual Meeting & Exhibition

DMMM5 Organizers

Committee Chairs

Eric Brown, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Blythe Clarke, Sandia National Laboratories

Committee Vice Chairs

Ben Britton, University of British Columbia
Lauren Garrison, Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS)

Organizing Committee

Keith Bowman, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Chelsey Hargather, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Olivia Underwood Jackson, Sandia National Laboratories
Katelyn Jones, Carnegie Mellon University
Suveen Mathaudhu, Colorado School of Mines
Emily Moore, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Semanti Mukhopadhyay, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Mary O'Brien, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Ashley Paz y Puente, University of Cincinnati
Soumya Varma, KLA Corporation
Yongqiang Wang, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Eva Zarkadoula, Oak Ridge National Laboratory