Why I Give Back

You know the story of the TMS Foundation. Now learn about it from those who know best what making a donation means. Read the stories below from just some of our current donors to understand what the TMS Foundation means to them.

Lucinda and Marty Glicksman

It’s a positive feeling for one to contribute to a charitable organization that enhances opportunities for younger men and women who have chosen our profession.
Marty and Lucinda Glicksman

“TMS’s annual meetings and special programs organized in my fields of materials research helped me to establish personal contacts and gain professional exposure, especially during the formative years of my career. I deeply appreciated making friends and colleagues at TMS meetings who also became truly valuable assets and catalysts for helping me to advance in my activities. Colleagues with whom I interacted over the years meant so much to my own progress and success and, as such, monetary support for keeping the TMS Foundation strong and expanding its influence seems like the right thing for us to do.

Unless others join in and continue to support TMS, both as volunteers and in providing monetary assistance, TMS would be limited in its ability to provide valuable outreach and programs for its younger members who are extremely busy in their own quest for advancement and professional recognition. As the charitable arm of TMS, the TMS Foundation certainly helps to provide this assistance. If as TMS members we fail to support and recognize our best professionals and students, then who will?

It is a pleasure to meet periodically with like-minded supporters of TMS who are willing to provide the resources to enable and expand the Foundation’s activities. Obtaining a particular honorific level merely marks how far one has reached to enjoy the recognition of TMS staff and officers, and appreciate the interaction with TMS members who are similarly committed. This type of reflective fellowship informs us all of the importance to which the Foundation’s resources are applied for accomplishing its good works and certainly reinforces our deep belief that in helping others we surely help ourselves. It’s a positive feeling for one to contribute to a charitable organization that enhances opportunities for younger men and women who have chosen our profession.”

About Marty and Lucinda Glicksman
Marty Glicksman has been a member of TMS since 1959 when he joined as a student while attending graduate school at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). He continued his involvement in the Society throughout his career and received the Bruce Chalmers Award before being named a Fellow of TMS for his distinguished accomplishments. He currently serves as the Allen S. Henry Chair in Engineering, University Professor at Florida Institute of Technology.

Marty’s wife, Lucinda, is his partner in philanthropy and shares his perception of TMS playing an important role in their lives. She often joins Marty at TMS annual meetings and TMS Foundation events where she readily gives her encouragement to other donors.

Marty and Lucinda are committed supporters of the TMS Foundation and its mission to support future generations of professionals. They were the first members of the top-level of the TMS Foundation Lifetime Giving Societies, the Diamond Society, as well as inaugural members of the 1871 Legacy Circle.

Robyn and Rob Wagoner

When it comes to giving to the Foundation, here is what it boils down to for us: It is the right thing for us to do. It is worthwhile. It is gratifying. It is fun.
Rob and Robyn Wagoner

"TMS has been the professional organization for Rob’s career and as such, we feel an obligation to support its philanthropic arm, the TMS Foundation, just as we support academic institutions to assist future students. We know from first-hand experience that the money is used efficiently, effectively, and wisely. The Foundation has a unique focus on young professionals that was missing in our philanthropic portfolio. We both also greatly enjoy meeting the young professionals and hobnobbing with them at special Foundation events at the TMS annual meeting. It isn’t all altruistic!

As members of the Foundation’s Platinum Society for Lifetime Giving, we have been very gratified by the warmth we have felt both by TMS peers and by young professionals who have benefited from the Foundation’s programs. We have also met many of the other Society members and have grown to know them better. Being a Society member identifies one as a consistent supporter; it makes the TMS experience even more pleasant in terms of small-but-important conveniences, like concierge registration service at the TMS annual meeting, access to the Foundation-sponsored Volunteer Lounge that we both use profusely, and wonderful, intimate donor receptions and dinners that enable us to connect with our colleagues as well as up-and-coming early career professionals.

For those who have sufficient means to support themselves, giving to others is one of the most worthwhile and rewarding things for peace of mind and contentment. More specifically, it is time to pay back for all the many advantages that TMS gave to Rob as a young scientist and professor.”

About the Wagoners
Rob, a professor emeritus at The Ohio State University, became acquainted with TMS as an undergraduate and graduate student in the 1970s. He became more involved over the years as a professional member, eventually serving the Society as President in 1997. Robyn has been a “social member” from the beginning, attending nearly all TMS annual meetings with Rob over the past 35 years. Rob and Robyn have been committed to the TMS Foundation since its inception in the 1990s and have donated consistently. In recent years, Rob spearheaded the Foundation’s revitalization efforts and then served as the Board of Trustees Chair from 2013 to 2016.

Deepankar Pal

I think the best ideas come from students and they should be given ample opportunities to present their ideas and work at TMS.
Deepankar Pal

"I think that the TMS Foundation is a good cause and if we do not support causes like this, new technologies such as integrated computational materials engineering (ICME), additive manufacturing, etc., will not be able to reach their required destiny as I feel this is the most important piece to ascertain success. The good thing is that TMS and the TMS Foundation, with their efforts, are enabling these young minds to come together and hopefully, if we all help, everyone can participate in exchanging ideas and work to enrich new meaningful technologies in a big way.

Giving or not giving is one’s personal decision and available financial circumstances. My two cents is that instead of buying things which we don’t need, invest in TMS and these bright minds so that you may learn something new from them, and also save some tax dollars.”

About Deepankar Pal
Currently a chief scientist with Ansys, Deepankar came to know about TMS as a Ph.D. student at The Ohio State University. He then heard about the TMS Foundation from graduate students who received scholarships funded by the Foundation to present at conferences in absence of receiving funding to attend through their advisors. He is a member of the Foundation’s 40/40 Club, as well as the Titanium Society for Lifetime Giving.

Paul Ohodnicki

I support the TMS Foundation to provide the next generation of scientists and engineers with the same opportunities that TMS has provided to me throughout my career.
Paul Ohodnicki

The professional network that I have developed over the course of my career through the opportunities that were provided to me by the TMS Foundation and my involvement with TMS has been a major factor in my career success to date.

"I am passionate about TMS and the mission of the Foundation, as well as the impact that it can have on our emerging scientific and technical talent. I am a true believer in the ‘pay it forward’ philosophy. As engineering professionals, we improve the world around us, today and in the near future, through our daily work. By investing in the success of the next generation of engineering professionals, we are paving the way for a brighter future for our country and society in perpetuity.

The TMS Foundation can truly be the ‘foundation’ for the TMS to have lasting and major impacts on our profession and our society moving into the future. I encourage all young professionals (including those young at heart!) to join me in making this important investment in the future at whatever level they are able to manage given their own unique personal and professional situation.”

About Paul Ohodnicki
A federal project manager with the National Energy Technology Laboratory, Paul first became involved with TMS when he received the Functional Materials Division’s Young Leaders Professional Development Award shortly after earning his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University back in 2008. This award enabled Paul to quickly become actively involved in the Society and also provided him with very important travel funds and registration costs that helped to justify my attendance of both the Materials Science and Technology conferences as well as TMS annual meetings. He is also a member of the Foundation’s 40/40 Club.