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TMS 2012: Technical Program: Materials and Society: Energy and Sustainable Production
March 11-15, 2012 • Orlando, FL

Programming in this area continues to expand with a strong emphasis will be on energy, including symposia addressing alternative and renewable energy technologies, sustainable production and recycling, and efficient energy utilization forming the core.


Battery Recycling
The purpose of this symposium is to provide an international forum on battery recycling. The symposium will cover all aspects of battery recycling from legislation, collection, safety issues & transportation regulations and current recycling technologies and processes. The symposia will consist of regular and invited presentations. [Learn more]

Energy Nanomaterials
This symposium focuses on energy nanoscale materials, their characterization and properties (mechanics, electrical, thermal, and electrochemical properties). It is expected that this symposium provide an overview on the current state-of-the art nanomaterials research for energy applications from both experimental and computational perspectives. [Learn more]

Energy Technologies and Carbon Dioxide Management
This symposium will pave the way to accomplish an efficient use of energy and manage CO2. It intends to address the need for sustainable technologies in extractive metallurgy, materials processing and manufacturing industries with reduced energy consumption and CO2 emission. A special session on solar and electrochemical CO2 conversion and utilization technologies for fuels synthesis is included, such as (but not limited)photo-electrochemical, photocatalytic, electrochemical and solar thermochemical methods. [Learn more]

IOMMMS Global Materials Forum: Materials in a Green Economy: An International Perspective
In this symposium, perspectives on the role of materials science and engineering with a particular focus on technically-driven innovations in the overall reference frame of sustainability will be presented by representatives from materials science and engineering societies of many countries. [Learn more]

Magnetic Materials for Energy Applications II
This symposium will discuss recent developments in the processing, characterization, property evaluation and product development of magnetic materials for energy applications. Magnetic materials and components with improved properties will enhance energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the efficiency of power generation, distribution, storage and conversion systems. Advanced electric machines and drives, often with permanent magnet architectures, are being developed to operate at continually higher speeds and temperatures. [Learn more]

Materials and Fuels for the Current and Advanced Nuclear Reactors
The objective of this symposium is to provide a platform for these researchers to congregate, exhibit and discuss their current research work, in addition to sharing the challenges and solutions with the professional community and thus, shape the future of nuclear energy. [Learn more]

Materials and Society Plenary
[Learn more]

Materials in Clean Power Systems VII: Clean Coal, Hydrogen Based-Technologies, and Fuel Cells
This symposium will focus on both the scientific and technological aspects of the materials used in clean power generation technologies, including: new materials development, advanced fabrication/synthesis processes, materials degradation and environmental interaction issues, and engineering performance in prototypic power generation systems. The goal is to provide a forum for scientists and engineers from academia, national laboratories, and industries to present the latest developments and insight on materials being considered or used in clean power generation and to additionally educate students and researchers interested in the nationally and globally important areas of fuel cells, hydrogen-, and clean carbon-based technologies. [Learn more]

Mechanical Performance of Materials for Current and Advanced Nuclear Reactors
This symposium will provide a forum for researchers investigating the mechanical behavior of materials used in nuclear reactors to increase reliability, safety, and performance. The intent is to accelerate the development and acceptance of novel materials and testing techniques for current and advanced reactor environments, including small modular reactors. [Learn more]

Processing to Control Morphology and Texture in Magnetic Materials
The focus of this symposium is to bring together a cross-section of researchers who are affecting materials response to magnetic, mechanical or electronic forces via processing to alter grain size, morphology and texture. [Learn more]

Radiation Effects in Ceramic Oxide and Novel LWR Fuels
This symposium is intended to bring together national laboratory-, university-, and nuclear industry-researchers to discuss current understanding of radiation response of nuclear fuel through experiment, theory and computational multi-scale modeling. [Learn more]

Solar Cell Silicon
This symposium focuses on expanded interest in silicon for solar energy and electronics. The growth in the silicon industry has been around 40% over the last three years. In the manufacture of solar cells more than half of the raw material is wasted. It may be added that there is a shortage of silicon feedstock and the prices are above 100 USD/kg. During the cutting of the solar cell silicon wafers half of the metal is lost as swarf. This consists of very fine silicon particles, SiC in the cutting liquid poly ethylene glycol (PEG) and traces of iron and copper. [Learn more]


  • Vittorio de Nora Prize for Lecture [MORE]
  • IOMMMS Global Materials Forum: Materials in a Green Economy: An International Perspective Symposium [MORE]
  • Integrative Materials Design: Performance and Sustainability Symposium [MORE]
  • Young Leader Tutorial Luncheon Lecture [MORE]

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