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Aluminum Plenary 2012: State of the Art Technology for the Production of Aluminum
Monday, March 12, 2012 • Orlando, FL

This plenary session will look at the present and introduce us to the future technological advances expected at the end of the decade. It will also address those strategies that will lead us to a sustainable development of the technological changes of the future.

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Speaker Information

Speaker: Mr. Chris Bayliss, International Aluminum Institute, Deputy Secretary General
Topic: The Aluminium Story – The Positive Contribution of the Aluminium Industry and its Products to Sustainable Development

The presentation will focus on how the products of human ingenuity, including the versatile metal aluminium in its many applications, have a vital role to play in successfully addressing this sustainability challenge. By working continuously to minimize its environmental impacts and maximize the benefits that its products offer to the world, the aluminium industry is committed to ensuring that aluminium is part of the solution for a sustainable future.
Speaker: Mr. Stephan Broek, Director at Hatch
Topic: Acceleration of Cell Technology through Breaking Barriers: A Closer Look at Innovation by High-Tech Sensor Technology and Energy Recovery Solutions

Developments today lay the foundation of even more intelligent cell operation in the future. A different trend is advances in the energy recovery potential. As cell become more powerful the opportunity to utilize the waste energy becomes more and more realistic. A brief overview will be presented on the status and potential of energy recovery.
Speaker: Dr. Subodh Das, Founder and CEO of Phinix, LLC
Topic: Achieving Carbon Neutrality In The Global Aluminum Industry

The current carbon foot print of the global aluminum industry is estimated at 500 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2eq), representing about 1.7 % of global emissions from all sources. This paper outlines an integrated and quantifiable plan for achieving "carbon neutrality" in the global aluminum industry by advocating several steps such as : using "greener" energy grids, reducing energy intensity of manufacturing processes, deploying products in energy saving applications , diverting material from landfills and urban mining from " aluminum - rich landfills ".
Speaker: Dr. Roberto de Andrade, Alcoa, President, Global Primary Metals Technology, Innovation and Center of Excellence
Topic: Driving Business Technology to Remain Competitive in the Aluminum Business

With another economic downturn, the aluminum industry is facing unprecedented challenge due to declining in aluminum price. The industry is already fighting the headwinds of high energy cost, environmental issues related to the aluminum process, increasing government regulations, substitute materials and highly intensive labor requirements for daily operations. What will be the sustainable future of the aluminum industry if the Hall-Heroult aluminum process are typically dealing with practical limits that have not been challenged for decades?
Speaker: Dr. Ender Suvacı, Anadolu University, Turkey, Vice Rector for Research and International Affairs
Topic: Alumina Technology: Present and Future

In this presentation, the current status of the alumina technology in terms of production methods and material characteristic will be discussed and then compared with the alumina technology roadmap, which was prepared in 2001. In the final part, future of the alumina technology and alumina’s possible roles on development of innovative bio and/or nano-technological products will be discussed.
Speaker: Dr. Claude Vanvoren, Rio Tinto Alcan, VP Technology, R&D and Operational Excellence
Topic: A Sustainable Production of Primary Aluminum

Producing Aluminum in a sustainable way, which is already a challenge, will become an industry threat if innovative solutions delivering step change performance improvements are not developed in due time. Presentation will review options which the primary Aluminum industry critically needs to be available for a smelter built in the 2020s.

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