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A Lifetime of Experience with Titanium Alloys: An SMD Symposium in Honor of Jim Williams, Mike Loretto, and Rod Boyer
This symposium will address alloy and process development; processing-microstructure and microstructure-property relationships; characterization of phase transformation via electron microscopy techniques; functionally graded titanium alloy components; net and near-net shape components for aerospace applications; gamma titanium alloys; fatigue, fracture, and creep behavior; correlations between microstructure and fracture behavior; and environmental effects, notably stress corrosion cracking.
Advanced Composites for Aerospace, Marine, and Land Applications
This symposium will provide a forum for communication and exchange of information on material properties, modeling, testing, and application of composites materials across these fields.
Advances in Surface Engineering: Alloyed and Composite Coatings III
This symposium will discuss advances in the processing, use of novel materials, characterization, and property evaluation techniques in surface engineering using alloyed and composite materials.
Bulk Metallic Glasses XI
This symposium will explore material fabrication and processing; nanocrystalline materials and composites; mechanical behavior; shear band formation, fatigue, deformation, and fracture mechanisms; corrosion, physical, magnetic, electric, thermal, and biomedical behavior; theoretical modeling and simulation; and industrial applications of bulk metallic glasses.
Dynamic Behavior of Materials VI – An SMD Symposium in Honor of Professor Marc Meyers
The dynamic behavior of materials encompasses a broad range of phenomena associated with extreme environment and with relevance to technological applications in military and civilian sectors.
Flexible Electronics
Researchers will present new discoveries in areas including advanced semiconductor research on flexible substrates, 3D printing and inkjet printing for flexible device manufacturing, structural health monitoring, bioelectronics, neural interfaces and flexible sensors and sensing systems.
Gamma TiAl Alloys 2014
This symposium is an international forum to discuss significant, new findings and advances, to re-assess existing data and knowledge, to identify solutions to pacing issues and barriers, and to define critical issues and missing information for future work.
High-Temperature Gamma(f.c.c.)/Gamma-Prime(L12 structure) Co-Al-W Based Superalloys
Researchers working on Co-Al-W based alloys will ascertain the state-of-the-art concerning these alloys while gaining a better understanding where this research is heading. Areas of focus will include experimental and computational work in alloy development, phase stability and evolution, mechanical and damage behavior, and environmental resistance and protection.
Long-Term Stability of High-Temperature Materials
This symposium will examine the long-term stability of high-temperature structural materials, with a focus on phase changes in bulk material, surface degradation from high-temperature environments, exposure/stability effects on mechanical behavior, and rejuvenation of initial microstructure.
Materials for High-Temperature Applications: Next-Generation Superalloys and Beyond
The goal of this symposium is to review recent advancements in materials systems intended to replace conventional superalloy systems in next-generation high-temperature applications. Topics will include mechanical, environmental, and physical properties, as well as long-term stability and manufacturing capability.
Multiscale Perspectives on Plasticity in HCP Metals
This symposium will focus on the structure-property relationships unique to hexagonal close-packed (HCP) materials. The necessary interplay between experiments and modeling/simulation to understand the plasticity mechanisms and to develop accurate predictive models will be explored. Special emphasis will be placed on works that connect experimental observations with modeling of mechanical behavior across various length scales.
Pb-Free Solders and Emerging Interconnect and Packaging Materials
This symposium covers research advances in electronic interconnecting materials and their technologies, with special emphasis on lead-free solders and new materials and structures for next-generation interconnects. Emerging interconnect and packaging technologies will be examined, as well as insights into existing materials and technologies, including Pb-free and RoHS-compliant materials and processes.
Solid-State Interfaces III: Toward an Atomistic-Scale Understanding of Structure, Properties, and Behavior through Theory and Experiment
This symposium will examine advances in understanding the detailed atomic-level structure and composition of interfaces and the connection of that structure to the properties of materials containing these interfaces. The materials properties related to interfacial structure include microstructure evolution and stability, irradiation response, mechanical instability, electronic and ionic conduction, segregation and precipitation, electronic properties, and phase transformations.
Symposium on High Entropy Alloys II
This symposium will provide a new venue for presentation of research on the fundamental understanding and theoretical modeling of high-entropy alloy (HEA) processing, microstructures, and mechanical behavior.
Ultrafine Grained Materials VIII
This is the eighth international symposium that focuses on all aspects of the science and technology of ultrafine grained and nanocrystalline materials. This symposium covers a broad scope, ranging from fundamental science to applications of bulk ultrafine-grained (grain size <1000 nm) and nanostructured (feature size <100 nm) materials.

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