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Algorithm Development in Computational Materials Science and Engineering
This symposium will feature work by researchers who are developing new algorithms and/or designing new methods for performing computational research in materials science and engineering.
Computational Discovery of Novel Materials
This symposium will cover recent applications and methodological developments at the frontier of computational materials discovery, ranging from quantum-level prediction to macro-scale property optimization.
Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics
This symposium focuses on computational thermodynamics and kinetics of microstructural evolution in materials during processing and in service. Experts in computational and experimental methods will assess the current status of the development and integration of computational models and simulation techniques at different time and length scales and applying these tools, in conjunction with critical experimentation, for materials development and optimization.
Data Analytics for Material Science and Manufacturing
This symposium will bring together all facets of the nascent Data Analytics for Materials Science and Manufacturing field in order to facilitate communication and collaboration among the various camps.
ICME: Linking Microstructure to Structural Design Requirements
This symposium will provide researchers and engineers with an opportunity to review the current status of the linkages between microstructure and design requirements and discuss the future possibilities. All aspects of linkages among microstructure, properties, and design will be explored.
Progress Towards Rational Materials Design in the Three Decades Since the Invention of the Embedded Atom Method: An MPMD Symposium in Honor of Dr. Michael I. Baskes
This symposium will bring together materials scientists and engineers to address current theoretical, computational, and experimental issues related to microstructure-property relationships in engineering materials, including the deformation of single, polycrystalline materials and nanocrystalline materials, development of high-fidelity atomistic models for alloys and their application in studying defect physics over experimentally relevant length and timescales, and unresolved challenges and problems in computational materials science in general.

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