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2014 Functional Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
This symposium will address the application, fabrication, scalable nanomanufacturing, and fundamental materials science of nanomaterials. A focus area will be nanomanufacturing approaches for functional nanomaterials.
2014 TMS R.F. Mehl Medal Symposium on Frontiers in Nanostructured Materials and Their Applications
This symposium will address recent developments in synthesis and processing, atomic and nanoscale characterization, structure and property correlations, and modeling of nanostructured materials and their applications. This symposium honors Jagdish (Jay) Narayan, winner of the 2014 Institute of Metals Lecture and Robert Franklin Mehl Award.
Nanoparticulate Materials: Production, Consolidation and Characterization
This symposium is dedicated to the science and technology of producing, processing, consolidating, and characterizing particulate materials with structural components of the order of 100nm or less. It will cover both a broad range of conventional and novel nanoparticle production techniques and a wide spectrum of methods for the consolidation of bulk nanostructured materials.

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