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Advanced Materials for Power Electronics, Power Conditioning, and Power Conversion II
The primary focus of this symposium will be in the area of advanced materials for power electronics and power conditioning systems. A range of invited and contributed talks will be presented by the top materials scientists in each field.
Alloys and Compounds for Thermoelectric and Solar Cell Applications II
This symposium addresses synthesis, property measurements, phase stability, and phase transformation of the alloys and compounds used in thermoelectric and solar cell devices.
Computational Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Materials for Energy Applications
This symposium will address recent development and implementation of computational approaches for advanced materials design geared towards energy applications, e.g. energy harvesting, conversion, and storage, as well as gas separation technologies. It will also address computational modeling challenges in energy research.
Energy Technologies and Carbon Dioxide Management
This symposium will address the issues, intricacies, and challenges relating to energy and environmental sciences. It will cover various technological aspects of sustainable energy eco-systems and processes that improve energy efficiency, and reduce and sequestrate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions.
General Recycling
Sessions will cover innovative research work, advances in ongoing research, and general industrial practices from recycling of metals and materials. Reports of work in other fields, including optimization of physical, aqueous, and thermal processing of scraps and waste; environmental and economic impacts; material selection and design based on recyclability; life-cycle analysis of materials; properties; and applications of recovered materials are welcomed.
High-Temperature Material Systems for Energy Conversion and Storage
This symposium will focus on fundamental and applied scientific topics related to high-temperature ceramic materials used in energy conversion and storage.
Magnetic Materials for Energy Applications IV
This symposium will review progress and clarify future perspectives. Key topics will include the development of rare earth transition metal magnets and rare earth free alternatives, progress in the optimisation of magnetocaloric materials and devices, and the state of the art in soft magnets.
Materials Aspects of Corrosion and Fouling in Oil Refining and Exploration
Utilization of opportunity oil reserves has emerged as a key driver for the realization of North American energy independence; however extracting and refining these complex streams presents a unique set of engineering and scientific challenges. This symposium will broadly focus on the critical dual problem of corrosion and fouling.
Nanostructured Materials for Rechargeable Batteries and for Supercapacitors II
This session will cover multiple experimental and theoretical aspects of nanomaterials for rechargeable batteries (Li-ion, Li-Air, Li-Sulfur, Na-ion, etc) and for supercapacitors. Talks will focus on the unique "nano" aspects of these technologies.
Recycling and Sustainability Update
This symposium will provide a venue for continued dissemination of information in the rapidly changing area of sustainability. It will cover current technological developments in recycling across the range of metals and other materials, as well as research that explores sustainability related to all forms of materials.
Solar Cell Silicon
This symposium will focus on silicon feedstock production, silicon refining and behavior of impurities, advanced silicon separation and all types of wafering techniques, recycling of silicon, solar cells and electronic components, and characterization of silicon materials for solar cells.

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