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WELCOME to your TMS Light Metals Division (LMD)! The LMD Council is comprised of the chairs and vice chairs of the Aluminum, Magnesium, Energy, and Recycling & Environmental Technologies Committees, as well as the Additive Manufacturing Committee, a “bridge” committee which spans all five technical divisions. Additionally, there is representation from six TMS Functional Committees, including the Young Professionals Committee. A list of all members can be found here: LMD Council.

In line with the three goals set out in the TMS Strategic Plan, the LMD needs active participation of its TMS members for the well-being of our division and the society overall. This means that as a highly-inclusive society, the LMD wants all students and professionals to be welcomed to actively participate within all of its committees!

The vision of TMS is to be the professional society of choice for the worldwide minerals, metals and materials community. TMS aspires to be the place where global materials practitioners come together and participate in vibrant annual meetings, specialty conferences, courses, student activities, and other events. Spread the word to your colleagues and students that TMS, and specifically the LMD, are your choice for dissemination of worldwide advances in light metals developments!

TMS and the LMD are yours to define and to shape the future direction of materials science, engineering, and technology. Advances in the use of ICME, additive manufacturing, and other emerging materials and manufacturing technologies will rely on the benefits of using light metals and alloys. Improving metal processes through recycling and energy efficiency improvement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be important to a sustainable future. Join us in driving this future forward, whether it be through organizing conference symposia, editing or contributing to technical journals or instructing and participating in short courses and webinars, all will enhance the value of TMS for you, and we hope will contribute to your further professional development.

As a starting point, please participate in the technical committees; I encourage you to attend any technical committee meeting held at the time of the TMS Annual Meeting. If you are unsure of where, when, or how to go about this, contact the committee chair, vice chair, or myself in advance. If after your initial engagement with a specific technical committee you are interested in officially becoming a member of a committee, simply notify the committee chair of your interest. If you have suggestions or concerns, or you want to get involved with other aspects of the division such as programming, content dissemination, or professional development topics, please do not hesitate to contact me, or any other member of your LMD Division Council. We want to hear from you! Together, we can make the Light Metals Division of TMS a key to your professional lives.


Eddie Williams, LMD Chair (2023-2025)

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