TMS Aspires: The Society's Strategic Plan

TMS Aspires, adopted in October 2018, is the strategic plan for The Minerals, Metals, & Materials Society. Developed over the course of a year using input from the TMS Board of Directors and other volunteer and staff leaders, the TMS Aspires Strategic Plan comprises three goals, each of which is supported by a suite of objectives and tactics.

Goal 1.
TMS aspires to be a highly inclusive society where all materials students and professionals feel welcome and diversity is celebrated.


  • Assure that there are no organizational barriers to members who aspire to any relevant TMS honors, awards, and engagement or leadership opportunities.
  • Champion an open dialogue and practice on diversity and inclusivity.
  • Expand the portfolio of services and benefits tailored to industrial members and to industry.
  • Expand the engagement of non-U.S. members in Society activities.

Goal 2.
TMS aspires to be the place where global materials practitioners come together and participate in vibrant annual meetings, specialty conferences, courses, student activities, and other events.


  • Establish the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition as the destination event for the international materials community.
  • Assure that TMS receives an equitable benefit from its partnerships and relationships over time.
  • Add to the portfolio of TMS owned and managed events.

Goal 3.
TMS aspires to be the society that envisions, defines, and enables the future by gathering and empowering materials experts to scope the future of materials science, engineering, and technology.


  • Expand the portfolio of TMS-led workshops, studies, and reports that are defining the future of the profession.
  • Maintain and expand TMS leadership in ICME, 3DMS, additive manufacturing, and other emerging materials and manufacturing technologies.

Explore the TMS website to see how the society is working to reach these goals through diversity and inclusion initiatives, upcoming meeting plans, TMS studies, and more. ​​