Current Issues

TMS is currently following and/or taking action related to several legislative issues of importance to its membership.

Letter to President Donald J. Trump

TMS joined with a coalition of publishers and societies as signatories on two letters sent to President Donald J. Trump to express concern about a possible executive order that would require publishers to make available immediately, for free, journal articles that report research funded by the U.S. government. One letter includes signatures from more than 125 leading publishers and nonprofit scientific societies; the other letter has representation from societies only.

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TMS Advocacy Interests

  • Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing, and Manufacturing USA-the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation
  • No Institution of Unreasonable Barriers for U.S. Scientists and Engineers to Travel Freely or for International Scientists and Engineers to Enter the U.S. for the Purpose of Knowledge Exchange
  • STEM Education for K-12 to Fuel Economic Growth and Innovation
  • Diversity in Science & Engineering
  • Scientific Conference Attendance and Participation for Federal Employees
  • Energy and Environmental Sustainability
  • Materials Innovation/Materials Genome Initiative
  • Rare Earth/Critical Materials/Natural Resource Utilization
  • Support for Basic Research in Science and Engineering
  • Strengthen and Stabilize Federal Agency Funding of DOE, NSF, NIST and National Laboratories

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TMS encourages you to contact your congressional leaders to discuss legislation that impacts the work of scientists and engineers.

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