TMS Advocacy Interests

Many of TMS's activities related to public policy and government affairs are the work of the TMS Public & Governmental Affairs (P&GA) Committee. This committee actively promotes the economic and environmental importance of materials research and development by educating policy makers to help inform public policy development and the legislative decision-making process.

Because the disciplines of minerals, metals, and materials science and engineering involve an amazing breadth and depth of materials topics, the P&GA Committee monitors issues throughout the congressional year, determines the Society’s top priorities for advocacy interest, and identifies actions they can take to benefit the materials community.

The following list provides a look at current TMS advocacy interests:

  • Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing, and Manufacturing USA-the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation
  • No Institution of Unreasonable Barriers for U.S. Scientists and Engineers to Travel Freely or for International Scientists and Engineers to Enter the U.S. for the Purpose of Knowledge Exchange
  • STEM Education for K-12 to Fuel Economic Growth and Innovation
  • Diversity in Science & Engineering
  • Racial and Social Justice in Minerals, Metals & Materials
  • Scientific Conference Attendance and Participation for Federal Employees
  • Energy and Environmental Sustainability
  • Materials Innovation/Materials Genome Initiative
  • Rare Earth/Critical Materials/Natural Resource Utilization
  • Support for Basic Research in Science and Engineering
  • Strengthen and Stabilize Federal Agency Funding of DOE, NSF, NIST and National Laboratories

The P&GA Committee welcomes input from the TMS membership about additional relevant issues. Contact the TMS Professional Development and Public and Governmental Affairs Manager to learn more about the committee’s activities or to share additional advocacy interests.