Structural Materials Division

The Structural Materials Division (SMD) is home to TMS members who work on the science and engineering of load-bearing materials, including studies into the nature of a material's chemical, physical, thermodynamic and mechanical properties resulting from their composition, microstructure, process history and operating environment. The SMD includes metallic, ceramic, polymeric and composite structural materials, as well as biomaterials. Both conventional materials and the exploration and development of new structural materials are a focus. The SMD also addresses the modeling, characterization and manufacture of structural materials through committees that are often shared with other TMS technical divisions. The SMD consists of volunteer leaders from academia, industry and government organizations to sponsor technical programming and career development activities at the national and international levels

If you are a member of the SMD Council, click here to visit the SMD Council pages.

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Suveen Mathaudhu

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You can contribute to the work of the TMS Structural Materials Division by joining a TMS technical committee. Begin by selecting the SMD committee that best aligns with your professional interests, then visit the committee website page and click on the Committee Roster link to find the contact information of the committee chair who can assist you with additional information. If you are a TMS member, you may also attend a technical committee meeting in person at the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition and apply for membership at that time.

As a technical committee member, you can become further involved in developing technical programming, publications content and professional development events. You can also get involved by nominating a candidate for an SMD award, which recognizes excellence within the SMD's scope of activities. For a complete listing of ways to get involved with TMS, visit the Volunteer Opportunities section of the website.

Leadership Opportunities

TMS Technical Divisions provide members with additional leadership opportunities at the division council level. Learn more about leadership openings including the Technical Division Chair position, which includes three years serving as vice chair of the division and three years serving as chair (a TMS Board of Directors position). Additional volunteer opportunities are available through various functional committee representative positions, which allow members to represent their division on Society-wide committees like the Programming Committee, Membership & Student Development Committee, and more.  

Available positions rotate annually and nominations/applications are due December 15 of each year. Technical Division Vice-Chair/Chair nominations require the submission of a Vice Chair Nomination Form. For the SMD, Vice Chair/Chair nominations will be accepted in 2021, 2024, 2027, and 2030. To learn more about current available positions, contact Joni Gregg, Technical Divisions & Executive Administrator. 

Technical Division Council Vice Chair Position

Each technical division council is led by a chair, vice chair and past chair (also known as the Executive Committee) who are voting members of the division council. Each position holds a three-year term, which commences and concludes at the conclusion of the TMS Annual Meeting in the year designated. The chair also represents the division on the TMS Board of Directors. The vice chair acts on behalf of the division chair, to include voting privileges, if they become unable to attend a meeting. The vice chair shall also assist the division chair by performing duties as assigned and has a non-voting position on the Technical Division Council, which oversees the functions of the division councils.

Primary duties of the chair, which the vice chair supports, is to guide the division technical committees related to organizing meetings, technical programming, professional development courses, JOM article activities and award nominations for society, division, young professional and student awards. Related to the functional committee representation on the council, the chair encourages reporting of these representatives on their committee’s activities.                

For More Information

Please visit the Volunteer Resources section of the site. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact the TMS Volunteerism Staff.