Materials Bowl

Material Advantage chapters are invited to participate in the TMS Materials Bowl, a materials-themed knowledge and trivia competition held each year at the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition. To compete, each school's Material Advantage chapter can assemble a team of four chapter members to represent their school. Only one team per school is permitted, and each team may include no more than one graduate student. Teams compete in one elimination round, and then a championship game is held for cash prizes.


Each member of the winning team receives $250, and the winning chapter receives $500.  The second place team receives $500 for the chapter.

Winning Team Receives:

Second Place Team Receives:


How to Apply

To participate, a team must have its student chapter chairperson or faculty adviser complete and submit the official Materials Bowl application form, which can be found on the student pages of the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition you are planning to attend. Deadlines and additional information can be accessed through these undergraduate and graduate student event web pages.

The TMS2022 Materials Bowl Sign Up Sheet can be accessed here. The deadline to apply for the 2022 competition is January 28, 2022.

Previous Winners

Each year, a new team name is added to the Materials Bowl trophy. Check out past years' winners:

2020 – Colorado School of Mines
2019 – Colorado School of Mines
2018 – Colorado School of Mines
2017 – University of North Texas (Denton) 
2016 – University of Utah
2015 – Colorado School of Mines
2014 – University of Florida
2013 – Colorado School of Mines
2012 – Colorado School of Mines
2011 – University of Utah
2010 – Colorado School of Mines
2009 – Colorado School of Mines
2008 – University of Tennessee
2007 – Florida International University

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