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2nd World Congress on High Entropy Alloys (HEA 2021)

December 5–8, 2021

Hilton Charlotte University Place • Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

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The 2nd World Congress on High Entropy Alloys (HEA 2021) is a cross-disciplinary technical forum designed to share the latest research advances in single-phase and multi-phase metallic, intermetallic, and ceramic high entropy materials for functional or structural applications. HEA 2021 will feature highly focused technical talks on topics that include, but are not limited to, fundamental theory of alloy design, computational modeling and simulation, properties, processing, and applications of high entropy alloys.

Networking opportunities will also offer attendees a chance to informally discuss the latest developments in high entropy alloys, while also making valuable professional connections. The congress will attract research leaders from industry, government, and academics from across the globe, as well as students and postdocs interested in the science and engineering of metallic materials and high performance alloys. Scientists and engineers will be convened to facilitate linkages and collaborations on this promising technology, to hopefully lead to widespread application and adoption of these materials.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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HEA 2021 also thanks the Office of Naval Research for funding support.

Plenary Speakers

Amy Clarke
Colorado School of Mines, USA
Presentation Title: "Applying Physical Metallurgy Principles to Multi-Principal Element Alloys"
Maryam Ghazisaeidi
Ohio State University, USA
Presentation Title: "The Interplay Between Phase Transformation and Mechanical Properties in High Entropy Alloys"
Elsa Olivetti
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Presentation Title: "Materials Systems Consideration in Design of High Entropy Alloys"

See the technical progam page for more details.

Health and Safety

As we take steps to gather again, we want to emphasize that your well-being is most important to us. TMS continually monitors the COVID-19 situation and the latest guidance on health and safety protocols. Here are some key points:

  • Read the TMS COVID-19 waiver and understand your duty as a HEA 2021 attendee, including not attending the conference if you are currently exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or if you have recently been exposed.
  • Face masks are strongly encouraged for all attendees. Your health and safety are of the utmost importance. TMS staff members are required to wear face masks while at HEA 2021.
  • If you start to feel unwell on site or need medical assistance, please visit the first aid station in Walden. While COVID-19 testing will not be provided at the first aid station, the medical staff can evaluate you and recommend a nearby testing location should it be deemed necessary.

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Congress Sponsors and Organizers

This congress is sponsored by the Structural Materials Division and the Alloy Phases, High Temperature Alloys, and Mechanical Behavior of Materials Committees, and is being organized by the following individuals:
Chair C. Cem Tasan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Committee Members Easo P. George, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Haruyuki Inui, Kyoto University
Daniel B. Miracle, Air Force Research Laboratory
Noah Philips, ATI
Tresa Pollock, University of California, Santa Barbara
Dierk R. Raabe, Max-Planck Institute
Akane Suzuki, GE Research

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