2002 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition: Charles McMahon Honorary Dinner

February 17–21 · 2002 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · Seattle, Washington




In conjunction with the Charles J. McMahon Interfacial Segregation and Embrittlement Symposium

Date: Monday, February 18, 2002, 6:00PM-9:30PM
Location: Sheraton Seattle Hotel & Towers
Room: West Ballroom B

Sponsored by:
SMD, MPMD, ASM-MSCTS, Jt. Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Jt. Computational Materials Science & Engineering, Texture & Anisotropy Committee.

Nature and driving force for Interfacial Segregation, Temper Embrittlement (Embrittlement in steels due to heat treatment), Segregation and Embrittlement in high temperature alloys due to service exposure, Embrittlement due to weld thermal cycles, Reheat cracking, Weld sensitization, Segregation resulting in enhanced corrosion and SCC, Irradiation induced segregation and resulting SCC, Impact on fracture, fracture mechanics and fatigue, Segregation to other than grain boundaries, and its influence on properties, Computer modeling of segregation and the resulting embrittlement.

Dinner tickets are $60 and may be purchased at the TMS Conference Registration desk.


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