2002 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition: Attendee & Speaker Services

February 17–21 · 2002 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · Seattle, Washington




Attention speakers, session chairs, and organizers!

Your attendance is required on the day of your session in order to coordinate last minutes changes and to receive Instructions before the presentations begin. Authors’ coffee will be held each morning, 7:15-8:15 AM in the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in the South Level 6, Room 6E.


Speakers may preview their slides before their technical presentations in the slide preview area located in the South Level 6, Room 6E at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center. This area will be available Monday, February 18 through Thursday, February 21. Arrangements must be made ahead of time to use and view special order equipment.


An employment referral board is located at the TMS Member Services Desk. Attendees may leave their resumes and employers may post job openings.


A special guest hospitality area is hosted each day of the meeting from 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM in the Sheraton Seattle Hotel and Towers, Room 416. TMS sponsors a continental breakfast for the convenience of spouses and accompanying persons of meeting attendees. The Guest Hospitality Room is a good place to meet, socialize, and gather for tour departures.

To “register” an accompanying person, please provide your guest’s name on your meeting registration form. They will receive a complimentary badge identifying them as a Conference Guest, which will allow admission to the TMS 2002 Exhibition and Grand Opening Reception, and the Guest Hospitality Room.

Note: The Conference Guest Badge is intended for spouses and accompanying persons of registered attendees and for identification only. It does not permit access to technical presentations.


Be sure to stop by the TMS Publications Sales booth in the South Level 4 Lobby of the Washington State Convention & Trade Center. Examine and select from more than 150 proceeding volumes, textbooks, monographs, and CD-ROMS. Many selections are at reduced prices. Information on nearly all areas of minerals, metals, and materials technology will be available.

Sunday, February 17
Monday, February 18
Tuesday, February 19
Wednesday, February 20
Thursday, February 21


Kinkos will provide business services for all 2002 TMS Annual Meeting attendees at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center. Kinkos, which is located on the First Floor of the convention center, will be open daily to help you with the following services:

  • Photocopying
  • Faxing
  • “Booth Boutique” – emergency sundries for sale to attendees, including paper, tape, pens, white-out, etc.


Washington State Convention & Trade Center
South Level 4, Hall 4C
  2002 Exhibition
Washington State Convention & Trade Center
South Level 4 Hall 4A, B

Business Services/Kinkos
Washington State Convention & Trade Center
South Level 1
Guest Hospitality
Sheraton Seattle Hotel & Towers
Room 416

Information Booth/Dining Services
Washington State Convention & Trade Center
South Level 4 Lobby
TMS Membership Area
Washington State Convention & Trade Center
South Level 4 Lobby

Cyber Cafe
Washington State Convention & Trade Center
South Level 4 Lobby
Publication Sales
Washington State Convention & Trade Center
South Level 4 Lobby

Employment Referral Center
Washington State Convention & Trade Center
South Level 4 Lobby
Sightseeing Tour Tickets
Washington State Convention & Trade Center
South Level 1


TMS and the Washington State Convention and Trade Center (WSCTC) understand that, unless you are comfortable in your surroundings, it is difficult to focus on the important information being presented during the meeting. The WSCTC has always been well prepared for the safety and security of its guests. But, we understand that, in the wake of the September 11th tragedies, you may be more conscious than ever about personal security.

The WSCTC has heightened security activities in response to those concerns and to the potential threat during public events. Here are some of the changes that have been instituted:

  • The security force has been increased to allow for better coverage in and around the facility.
  • The bike security patrol has also been enlarged to provide more frequent, and more intense, coverage on the exterior of our facility and in our parking garages.
  • Special educational meetings have been held with all staff members to stress the importance of security and to explain staff responsibility for observing and reporting all unusual or suspicious activity.
  • Refresher courses are now being given to security personnel and telephone personnel on bomb threats.
  • Administrative personnel are being trained to look for suspicious letters or packages. Additional controls are in place to assure that a tracking record exists for the receipt and forwarding of mail and packages.
  • All personnel and guests are required to wear some form of badge or event identification, plainly visible to staff and security. (This may not be the case for public events.) All temporary badges issued by the WSCTC are now self-expiring within 24 hours. All contractor personnel must be badged and must check in through the security office when coming on site.
  • Routine sweeps are made of the facility daily to look for unusual conditions or unidentifiable packages.
  • The Center has requested constant monitoring of Interstate 5 that runs under the Center. The Department of Transportation has cameras that view this area and they immediately dispatch the Washington State Patrol in the event of suspicious activity.

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) are on site during all event hours. The WSCTC is located just five minutes away from Seattle’s primary medical and trauma centers.

Also, in addition to local medical emergency response capacity, the Center has a staff of security officers who are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for your protection. The Center staffs a permanent position in its security control center at all times. This security officer monitors all life safety systems, including fire and smoke detection systems, as well as an extensive series of active security cameras that cover the Center’s interior, exterior and parking
garage entrances. The exterior of the facility, as well as the interior of all parking facilities, are well lighted and monitored by security cameras.

In addition, we ask that all attendees and exhibitors help by cooperating with all security regulations. Also, if anything looks out of the ordinary contact either a WSCTC staff person or TMS staff and we will investigate immediately. The Convention Center has numerous call stations throughout the facility (red phones) that are directly connected to security control.

Thank you and enjoy your 2002 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition experience.



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