2002 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition: Conference Proceedings

February 17–21 · 2002 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · Seattle, Washington



The following titles will be available at the Meeting, reserve your copy on the TMS Annual Meeting Registration Form. All proceedings are concurrent with the meeting. Books purchased via the TMS Annual Meeting Registration form and not picked-up at the meeting will be shipped after the close of the meeting.

CALPHAD and Alloy Thermodynamics
Patrice E.A. Turchi, Antonios Gonis, and Robert D. Shull, editors

These proceedings emphasize all theoretical aspects of computational thermodynamics and kinetics and their impact on the science of alloys and materials design. The book will provide an assessment of the CALPHAD (Calculation of Phase Diagrams) approach pioneered by 2002 Hume-Rothery Award recipient Larry Kaufman, a review of the current status of the software applications based on the CALPHAD approach, the impact of CALPHAD on alloy thermodynamics and design, and future prospects. The book will provide a detailed picture of the development of CALPHAD and point to further research.

ISBN 0-87339-514-X
Approx. 390 pp., illus., index, hardcover
Order No. 514X
Member price: $72

Computational Modeling of Materials, Minerals, and Metals Processing

M. Cross, J.W. Evans, and C. Bailey, editors

This set contains the proceedings, in both print and CD-ROM formats, of the Computational Modeling of Materials, Minerals, and Metals Processing Symposium to be held at the 2002 TMS Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington. Computational models offer an effective way to design, analyze, and optimize materials, metals, and minerals processing. Computational modeling is increasingly becoming the means by which every factor in the operation of a process can be analyzed in a rational manner. Such models also represent a framework for much of our understanding of process operations.

This international symposium brings together participants from all aspects of computational modeling of materials, minerals, and metals processing, including the engineers involved primarily in specific applications, developers of computational modeling tools, and the developers of models. This allows all involved to understand the most recent advances in this rapidly developing enabling technology.

ISBN 0-87339-513-1
Approx. 700 pp., illus., index, hardcover & CD-ROM
Order No. 5131
Price: $129

Creep Deformation: Fundamentals and Applications
Rajiv S. Mishra, James C. Earthman, and Sai V. Raj, editors

These proceedings focus on the application of fundamental creep research to the design and development of high temperature materials for engineering applications. The book deals with all aspects of creep deformation and high temperature materials development, specifically the influence of microstructures
on various aspects of creep and the application of this information in the design of highly creep resistant materials. Emphasis will be placed on advanced ceramic and metal matrix composites and advanced intermetallics.

This volume brings together researchers working on fundamental issues relating to the development and characterization of high temperature materials and
design engineers involved in high temperature applications.

ISBN 0-87339-515-8
Approx. 415 pp., illus., index, hardcover
Order No. 5158
Member price: $105

EPD Congress 2002
Patrick R. Taylor, editor

The Extraction & Processing Division Congress, held at the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition each year, has become the definitive annual forum for new technological developments in the process metallurgy community. This volume will also include the proceedings of the Fundamentals of Advanced Materials
for Energy Conversion symposium. In addition to general abstracts, this year’s edition will include papers on:

  • Modeling of high temperature alloy processing
  • General pyrometallurgy
  • Generation, treatment, metal recovery, and disposal of flyash
  • Imaging of dynamic processes
  • Materials processing fundamentals
  • General recycling of materials

ISBN 0-87339-516-6
Approx. 812 pp., index, hardcover
Order No. 5166
Member price: $96

High-Cycle Fatigue, the David L. Davidson Symposium
Kwai S. Chan and Peter K. Liaw, editors

These proceedings from the David L. Davidson Symposium on High-Cycle Fatigue review the current research activities and assess the state-of-the-art in high-cycle fatigue, which has become a major concern in the design of engineering components and structures. This volume will include papers on a basic understanding of failure mechanisms, experimental methods and studies, modeling and simulation, and life-prediction methodology. This volume will also contain papers from the Fatigue of High Temperature Alloys Symposium, which deals with fatigue behavior of high temperature alloys, including crack initiation and propagation modes.

ISBN 0-87339-518-2
Approx. 350 pp., index, hardcover
Order No. 5182
Member price: $110

High Performance Metallic Materials for Cost-Sensitive Applications
F.H. (Sam) Froes and Lu Li, editors

These proceedings will examine the most recent advances and best practices in structural materials selection, design, and manufacturing for producing affordable components, with a focus on titanium, aluminum, and other advanced metallic materials. This volume will discuss melting, casting, powder metallurgy, forging, forming, extrusion, and machining, as well as processing advances, innovative processing techniques, process modeling and materials by design, new alloys, and related processing-microstructure-properties-performance-cost studies.

ISBN 0-87339-522-0
Approx. 295 pp., index, PDF publication
Order No. 5220
Member price: $117

Light Metals 2002
Wolfgang Schneider, editor

Held at the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition each year, the Light Metals series has become the definitive annual reference source in the field of aluminum production and related light metals technologies. Each volume contains complete coverage of advancements and current work in cast shop technology, alumina and bauxite, carbon technology, aluminum reduction technology, and recycling. In addition, Light Metals 2002 includes coverage of reactive metals and advances in molten salt processing technology. Light Metals 2002 is sold as a package that includes the proceedings in both hardcover and text-searchable.

CD-ROM formats.
ISBN 0-87339-519-0
Approx. 1200 pp., illus., index, hardcover & CD-ROM
Order No. 5190
Member price: $158

Magnesium Technology 2002
Howard Kaplan, editor

From the third annual symposium on magnesium technology, these proceedings include papers on all aspects of extraction and processing, physical and mechanical properties, alloy development, and production of magnesium. Coverage includes:

  • Fundamentals of Magnesium Production—Electrolytic and Thermal
  • Materials for Magnesium Production
  • Magnesium Cast House Technology—Casting and Solidification
  • Environmental Issues
  • Magnesium Recycling/Cover Gas Issues
  • Magnesium and Corrosion—Cathodic Protection and Corrosion-Resistant Alloys
  • Alloy Development—Structural, Thixo and Wrought Alloys, and High-Temperature Alloys
  • Alloy Properties and New Applications
  • Magnesium and the Automotive Industry
  • Magnesium R&D Needs

Magnesium Technology 2002 is sold as a package that includes the proceedings in both hardcover and text-searchable CD-ROM formats.

ISBN 0-87339-524-7
Approx. 372 pp., illus., index, hardcover & CD-ROM
Order No. 5247
Member price: $111

Processing and Properties of Lightweight Cellular Metals and Structures, Third Global Symposium on Materials Processing and Manufacturing
Amit K. Ghosh, T.H. Sanders, and T.D. Claar, editors

These proceedings from the 2002 TMS Annual Meeting address cellular metals and potential applications in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and other industries. Papers cover such topics as design concepts and functional properties, processing technologies, microstructure and property characterization, modeling of properties, component fabrication, and applications and investments.

ISBN 0-87339-527-1
Approx. 275 pp., illus., index, softcover
Order No. 5271
Member price: $114

International Symposium on Science and Technology of Interfaces in Honor of Dr. Bhakta Rath
S. Ankem and C.S. Pande, editors

These proceedings present current research and developments on interfaces in a variety of materials ranging from advanced nanostructured materials to high Tc superconductors. Special attention will be given to the effect of interfaces on the unique, highly desirable properties of advanced materials, with an assessment of current status and future direction. The book will act as a source, for both researchers and graduate students, of the latest knowledge on the role of interfaces in advanced materials for research and design.

ISBN 0-87339-520-4
Approx. 513 pp., illus., index, PDF publication
Order No. 5204
Member price: $122

Sulfide Smelting 2002
Robert L. Stephens, and H.Y. Sohn, editors

These proceedings focus on all aspects of the pyrometallurgical production of primary metals from sulfide concentrates. Papers discuss industrial operations producing copper and nickel and the direct production of lead and zinc. Key topic areas include smelting and converting processes, recently completed capital projects, current operating practices, the predicted future of sulfide smelting operations, furnace integrity and refractory design, gas handling processes and equipment, issues related to the treatment of high-strength sulfur dioxide-containing off-gases, the production of alternative sulfur products, the treatment of acid plant blowdown streams and sulfated smelter dusts, and the capture and treatment of fugitive emissions.

ISBN 0-87339-525-5
Approx. 600 pp., illus., index, hardcover
Order No. 5255
Member price: $70

Surface Engineering: Science and Technology II
Ashok Kumar, Yip-Wah Chung, and John J. Moore, editors

These proceedings address the scientific issues related to surface engineering phenomenon in synthesis, characterization, and application for all materials. This collection of papers provides a multidisciplinary discussion on surfacerelated phenomena by which materials performance may be enhanced through engineered interfaces and surface modification technologies. Applied experimental and theoretical aspects that highlight, develop, and utilize approaches to understand and improve surface phenomena are also included.

ISBN 0-87339-521-2
Approx. 414 pp., illus., index, PDF publication
Order No. 5212
Member price: $111

Ultrafine Grained Materials II
Yuntian Theodore Zhu, Terry G. Langdon, and Rajiv S. Mishra, editors

These proceedings focus on all aspects of science and technology of bulk ultrafine-grained materials produced by severe plastic deformation (SPD) techniques. The potential of SPD techniques in producing clean and fully dense, bulk ultrafine-grained materials for scientific explorations and practical structural applications has made it a rapidly developing area. This book provides an update on advances in the areas of processing microstructures, microstructural evolution, mechanical and physical properties, superplasticity, computational and analytical modeling, and new SPD technologies and advances.

ISBN 0-87339-523-9
Approx. 415 pp., illus., index, hardcover
Order No. 5239
Member price: $125


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