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TMS 2017 Course Offerings
Full Day Events
Emerging Electronic Interconnect Materials and Processing for Advanced Packaging Technology Workshop
Refractory Linings Used in Aluminum Production
Half-Day Morning Events
Hands On: Interactive Materials Data Visualization and Selection Tools for Research and Teaching Workshop
Hands On: New Demos and Activities to Engage Students in Materials Science and Engineering Workshop
Managing Sulfur in Cokes, Anodes, and Smelter Potline Exhaust Gases Course
Half-Day Afternoon Events
AAdditive Manufacturing Materials and Processes Workshop
Emerging Technologies that are Poised to Change the Aluminum Industry Workshop
How Carbon Materials are Used in Aluminum Production Workshop—an Introduction for Non-Technologists
Introduction to Atom Probe Tomography Workshop
Emerging Electronic Interconnect Materials and Processing for Advanced Packaging Technology Workshop
WhenSunday, February 26, 2017 • 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
WhereSan Diego Convention Center
SponsorshipTMS Functional Materials Division and the TMS Professional Development Committee
OrganizersAndre Lee, Michigan State University, (Lead Organizer); Iver Anderson, Iowa State University and Ames National Laboratory; Srinivas Chada, Stryker; Fu Guo, Beijing University of Technology; and Carol Handwerker, Purdue University
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This workshop will build upon the Lead-Free Solders and Interconnect Technology Workshop held at past TMS Annual Meetings. More information about this year’s workshop instructors will be available soon.

This workshop will focus on developing the fundamentals of materials science and engineering strategies of electronic interconnect materials/systems to meet the high performance and the high reliability demanded on electronics. Modern electronics must be multi-functional and highly connected, so the materials used and manufacturing of electronic devices need to be sustainable. Materials and strategies employed to connect different levels in electronic packages play a critical role. This workshop will introduce current trends, technological aspects from different industries, and key research findings from both industry and academia.
Individuals working in the following areas will benefit from this workshop:
  • Electronic industry, related to electronic packaging and semiconductor manufacturing
  • Automobile, telecommunication, and military industries which use electronic devices
  • Academia and research institutes conducting research on interconnects, thermal/mechanical reliability testing, and new material development, not only on solder or interconnect materials, but also performing research on thermal interface and structure materials are target audience
Individuals who participated in the TMS Electronic Packaging and Interconnect Materials Webinar Series may also be interested in attending this course.
Registration for this professional development event is available through the TMS 2017 Annual Meeting & Exhibition Registration Form. Please note that registration for the full TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition is not required to attend a professional development event. Course materials are included in the registration fee and will be distributed as digital download prior to or after the conclusion of the program as provided by instructors.
Registration Fees:
Before January 20, 2017
After January 20, 2017

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