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5th International Congress on 3D Materials Science (3DMS 2021)

5th International Congress on 3D Materials Science
(3DMS 2021)

June 29–July 2, 2021 • Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill• Washington, D.C., USA

Technical Program

A call for abstracts has re-opened. The abstract submission deadline is October 30, 2020, to be considered for the 2021 program.

The following technical topics (as well as other related topics) will be covered during this congress:

  • Methods for materials simulation and modelling
  • 3D Data processing and reconstruction algorithms
  • Process-microstructure-property relationships in 3D
  • Materials dynamics in 3D
  • New characterization methods
  • Machine learning
  • Other

The 5th International Congress on 3D Materials Science (3DMS 2021) seeks to provide the premier forum for presentations of current interest and significance to the three-dimensional characterization, visualization, quantitative analysis, modeling, and development of structure–property relationships of materials, as well as big data and machine learning issues associated with 3D materials science (3DMS). Additionally, this congress will provide an intimate environment for rich discussions and interactions among the key researchers in the world to not only assess the state-of-the-art within the various elements of 3DMS, but also to roadmap the key areas of future research. The congress will include plenary, keynote, and invited lectures as well as contributed presentations. The technical program will:

  • Cover a range of topical areas representing the most critical and rapidly growing areas of 3D materials science
  • Include oral presentations, interactive poster sessions, and panel discussions for maximum interaction
  • Address state-of-the-art subtopics to roadmap key areas for future research in 3DMS

A late-news poster session will highlight very recent developments. We welcome posters with the very latest news and novel preliminary results related to this fast-evolving field. Labels will denote late-news posters from others on display. Visit ProgramMaster to submit an abstract for the late-news poster session.

Plenary Speakers

Jaafar El-Awady
Johns Hopkins University, USA
Presentation Title: "Acoustic Emission Measurements of Damage Accumulation and Crack Initiation in Metals at the Micron-scale"
Satoshi Hata
Kyushu University, Japan
Presentation Title: "Toward Dynamic 3D Visualization of Dislocations by Electron Tomography"
Helena Van Swygenhoven
Paul Scherrer Institute & Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland
Presentation Title: "Operando and Insitu Synchrotron Experiments Following Microstructural Evolutions"

Invited Speakers

  • Joel Bernier
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
  • Vincent De Andrade
    Advanced Photon Source, USA
  • Marc DeGraef
    Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • Kui Du
    Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  • Ulrich Lienert
    DESY, Germany
  • Emmanuel Marquis
    University of Michigan, USA
  • Dirk Mohr
    ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Kelly Nygren
    Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source, USA
  • Reeju Pokharel
    Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
  • Michael Sangid
    Purdue University, USA
  • Hemant Sharma
    Argonne National Laboratory, USA
  • Kazuyuki Shimizu
    Kyushu University, Japan
  • Katsuyo Thornton
    University of Michigan, USA
  • Michael Uchic
    Air Force Research Laboratory, USA
  • Masayuki Uesugi
    JASRI/SPring-8, Japan
  • Tiqiao Xiao
    Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  • Hideyuki Yasuda
    Kyoto University, Japan
  • Yubin Zhang
    Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Abstract Submissions

Abstracts must be submitted to ProgramMaster by October 30, 2020 to be considered for inclusion in the conference.

To assist the conference organizing committee in evaluating abstracts fairly, please be as clear and detailed in your abstract as possible.

If you have any questions regarding abstract submission, send an e-mail to TMS Programming Staff.