TMS 2017 Industrial Aluminum Electrolysis Course: The Definitive Course on Theory and Practice of Primary Aluminum Production

October 2–6, 2017 • Hilton Reykjavík Nordica • Reykjavík, Iceland

Course Curriculum

See what 2016 course attendees are saying about the program:

“This course was excellent. It was my first…TMS course and probably will not be my last.”
“Maintained the connection between theory and practice.”

This five-day course is planned to be interactive in nature, comprised of lectures with open group discussions, lectures, and a smelter visit. The 2017 Industrial Aluminum Electrolysis course promotes the exchange of scientific and technological advancements in primary aluminum production to a worldwide audience. The program includes, but is not limited to the following topics:

  • The Development of Hall-Héroult Technology
  • The Governing Laws:
  •    o Why Electrochemical and How the Electrochemical Process Works
       o Maintaining Energy Balance in Cells – Secondary Energy Demand
  • The Role of Aluminum in Society and Materials for Aluminum Production
  • Cell Control
  • Alumina Feeding and Dissolution
  • Cell Diagnositcs
  • Work Practices Associated with Continuous Operation
  • The Materials Used for Cell Construction
  • Cell Failure Mechanisms
  • Cell Start-Up and Potline/Cell Restart
  • Environmental Management
  • The FUTURE - A Panel Discussion

Check back regularly—more details for the 2017 program will be coming soon.

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