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Alumina Refinery Fundamentals and Practice
This course is designed for individuals who would like to understand more about the alumina refining process. [LEARN MORE]

Aluminum Metal Treatment
This course will address both the theoretical and practical aspects of molten metal treatment and topics including hydrogen, alkali and inclusion removal as carried out via in-line and furnace treatment as well as through filtration. Methods for measuring impurities in aluminum will also be highlighted. Finally, a discussion of sustainability issues in metal treatment from worldwide perspectives will conclude the session. [LEARN MORE]

ANSWER Tutorial Series: Neutron and Synchrotron Scattering 101 for Structural Materials Researchers
The application of neutron and synchrotron scattering in studying engineering materials becomes increasingly important because of its unique ability to provide the microscopic information concerning the microstructural features and mechanical behaviors of advanced materials and composites. [LEARN MORE]

Direct Chill and Twin Roll Casting of Magnesium: Principles and Practice
This course will focus on the industry practice and fundamentals of heat flow and solidification in DC and twin roll casting. Mathematical modeling will be used to illustrate many of the phenomena and to indicate how problems can be solved and how optimum casting conditions for old and new alloys can be established. [LEARN MORE]

Green Materials and Processes for Managing Electronic Waste
E-waste has been considered by government and the public to contain hazardous material content consisting of a wide variety of equipment, including washing machines, televisions, computers, mobile telephones, electrical tools, medical equipment, control instruments, etc. Many developed countries now require these items be reused, recycled, and recovered e-waste rather than be disposed of in landfills. [LEARN MORE]

Injection Phenomena in the PS Converter
Free to TMS 2009 Annual Meeting Attendees! A good number of theoretical notions will be covered and solutions to calculate flow conditions in tuyeres and injectors will be presented. All course notes will be made available to participants in an electronic format. All at no charge! [LEARN MORE]

Lead-Free Solders Workshop
This workshop is organized to serve as the industry roadmap for Pb free solders in high reliability packaging and interconnections, with current industry needs and concerns serving as a driving force for research. [LEARN MORE]



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