Thank you for your interest in preparing a manuscript for a TMS2016 proceedings volume. We have created the following overview to assist authors with some of the most common questions about submitting a manuscript.


For all proceedings volumes, manuscripts are due by September 14 in PDF format.

If the editor of your proceedings volume requests that revisions be made to your paper, you will receive a notification by e-mail that your manuscript is "accepted if modified" and a date when the revised manuscript must be submitted.

Note: TMS2016 will be held February 14-18, which is one month earlier than it was held in 2015. As a result, we will not be able to extend manuscript deadlines as was done in 2015.


If your proceedings volume will be published in one-column format, you should use the one-column template and instructions. Most importantly, you should format the paper using a 12-point Times font, such as Times New Roman.

If your proceedings volume will be published in two-column format, you should use the two-column template and instructions. (Examples of titles that use the two-column format are Light Metals and Magnesium Technology). Most importantly, you should format the paper using 9-point Times font, such as Times New Roman.

For all proceedings manuscripts, please use these tips to avoid common formatting errors:

  • The font should be a Times font, such as Times New Roman, with single line spacing.
  • Do not add page numbers or headers/footers to the top or bottom of the pages.
  • Check that all symbols and Greek characters appear correctly in the final PDF document.

Note: Extended abstracts and PowerPoint slides are not acceptable for the conference proceedings publication and should not be submitted.


TMS requires a transfer of copyright from the author or author’s employer prior to publication in the conference proceedings. A copyright form has been created to assist with this transfer.


If your employer or funding agency requires that an acknowledgment appear in the manuscript, place it at the end of the paper just before the references section.


All proceedings manuscripts must include a references section. Each reference must include complete information about the source material.

Manuscripts that are not submitted in an acceptable format may be returned to the author to be corrected or removed from the final publication.


Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or the TMS Proceedings home page for additional information on manuscript submissions.

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