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15th International Symposium on Superalloys (Superalloys 2024)

September 8–12, 2024

Seven Springs Mountain Resort • Champion, Pennsylvania, USA

Technical Program

The 15th International Symposium on Superalloys aims to highlight advances in superalloy technologies for the sustainable future. In recent years, the superalloys community has benefited greatly from advances in alloys development, microstructure-sensitive modeling tools and advanced characterization techniques. These technologies have enabled enhanced fundamental understanding of the material behavior and helped to improve the processing and performance of existing materials while accelerating the development of new alloys.

In addition to the traditional focus areas of alloy development, processing, mechanical behavior, coatings effects, and environmental degradation, the Superalloys 2024 symposium invites papers from academia, national laboratories, supply chain, and end-users of the superalloy community that highlight technologies contributing to improved processability, affordability, life prediction, and performance of superalloys. A special focus will be paid to contributions focusing on repair/refurbishment of alloys and components.

The technical topics include:

  • Improving superalloy manufacturability, affordability, lifecycle, and performance
  • Property models and computational tools for superalloys
  • Innovation characterization techniques and processing methods for superalloys
  • Alloy development and superalloy coatings
  • Mechanical behavior, durability, and environmental effects

Keynote Speaker

Steve Gregson
Senior Engineering Fellow - Engineering for Services, Rolls-Royce
Presentation: Sustainability and Lifecycle Management of Nickel Superalloy Gas Turbine Components

Abstract Submissions

Abstracts must be submitted to ProgramMaster to be considered for inclusion in the technical program.

To assist the organizing committee in evaluating abstracts fairly, please be as clear and detailed in your abstract as possible. Extended abstracts are solicited so that the organizers might most effectively consider the material that you plan to present. You may attach the file using the abstract submission link above. NOTE: Text abstracts submitted for this symposium cannot exceed 1500 words. Figures may be included in the extended abstract document.

If you have any questions regarding abstract submission, send an e-mail to TMS Programming Staff.

View Sample Extended Abstracts

  • Sample Extended Abstract 1: "Thermal Cycling Creep Resistance of Ni-based Single-Crystal Superalloys," by Jonathan Cormier, Institut Pprime
  • Sample Extended Abstract 2: "γ’ phase instabilities in highly refractory content γ-γ’ Ni-base superalloys," by Stoichko Antonov, Illinois Institute of Technology; Dieter Isheim, Northwestern University and Northwestern University Center for Atom Probe Tomography (NUCAPT); David Seidman, Northwestern University and Northwestern University Center for Atom Probe Tomography (NUCAPT); Eugene Sun, Rolls-Royce Corporation; and Randolph Helmink, Rolls-Royce Corporation; and Sammy Tin, Illinois Institute of Technology

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