“I am honored to be among those distinguished prior recipients of this award. I love teaching students and collaborating with researchers from all over the world. TMS has played a significant role in my professional growth and providing the opportunities to develop contacts with friends, and materials and engineering professionals worldwide.”

—Ramana Reddy, University of Alabama, 2017 Educator Award Recipient

Publicly recognizing the talent and achievements of professionals can help to boost their prestige in the field and encourage them to reach their potential as scientists and engineers. To achieve these goals, the TMS Foundation supports the following award programs, through generous restricted contributions:

Julia and Johannes Weertman Educator Award

Beginning in 2018, the TMS Educator Award will be renamed to honor Julia and Johannes Weertman for their individual and joint accomplishments. This award recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions to education in metallurgical engineering and/or materials science and engineering. This award is endowed through the TMS Foundation by colleagues and friends of Julia and Hans Weertman, as well as the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Northwestern University.

Learn more about the criteria and nomination process in the Society Awards section of the TMS Honors & Awards website.

Nagy El-Kaddah Award for Best Paper in MHD in Material Processing

Established to honor the memory of Professor Nagy El-Kaddah for his contributions in the field of material processing, this award recognizes original contributions to the field of “MHD in Material Processing.” This award is presented through the TMS Extraction & Processing Division (EPD), with support from the award creator, Thinium Natarajan of U.S. Steel.

Learn more about the criteria and nomination process in the Division Awards section of the TMS Honors & Awards website.

Oleg D. Sherby Award

Beginning in 2018, this award will recognize individuals with an established record or research and publications in the field of high-temperature behavior of materials who have had or will have a major impact on the understanding of the behavior of materials at high temperatures. Oleg Dimitri Sherby was a pioneer in the high temperature deformation of complex materials. Presentation of this award is sponsored by a gift to the TMS Foundation from Jeffrey Wadsworth of Battelle.

Learn more about the criteria and nomination process in the Society Awards section of the TMS Honors & Awards website.