Sadoway Materials Innovation and Advocacy Award

This award recognizes a mid-career individual with impactful and broad materials science and engineering achievements and a unique ability at championing of their work and the materials science and engineering field through education, public advocacy, or entrepreneurship, particularly in areas related to sustainability.

It fosters the participation of materials scientists and professionals in public advocacy for sustainable materials solutions. The award also serves to honor and recognize the innovative achievements of Donald R. Sadoway in materials science, his commitment to sustainable solutions in materials processing, and his legacy of teaching and advocacy in public forums.

Donald R. Sadoway is the John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, having joined the MIT faculty in 1978. The author of over 170 scientific papers and inventor on 32 U.S. patents, his research is on environmentally sound metals extraction technologies and on batteries for grid-scale storage and for electric vehicles.

Current award recipients will receive $3,500 along with an award piece at the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Beginning in 2024, the prize will increase to $5,000.  

The selection criteria and methodology will be based on established TMS Society awards.

The Sadoway Materials Innovation and Advocacy Award was endowed by his students, friends, and colleagues to honor his influence on them, the MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and the global materials science community.

Donations to continue to build this award fund are being accepted through the TMS Foundation as the Sadoway Materials Innovation and Advocacy Award Fund.


  1. Must have an established record of innovative achievements in material science of innovations that use and/or involve materials science as a core enabler. Record can be demonstrated by publications, influence of public policy, technical leadership, or entrepreneurship.
  2. Must have a record of outstanding communications as evidenced by teaching, public advocacy, or entrepreneurship.
  3. May not reach his/her 50th birthday by December 31 of the year in which the initial nomination is made.

How to Nominate

Submission Deadline:
April 1 of each year.

Please submit the following documents to complete the nomination process:

  1. Completed nomination form.
  2. Nominator's Supporting Statement: This statement is to be included within the principal nominator’s cover letter of endorsement. The supporting statement should outline the qualifications of the nominee for the specific honor/award. The nominator’s supporting letter should be no more than two pages.
  3. Current resume or curriculum vitae, no more than 5 pages.
  4. A minimum of two, maximum of five, letters of endorsement. Each letter should be no longer than one page. No more than one letter of endorsement may be from the same affiliation as the nominee. The nominator’s letter may be counted in the total number required.

Send complete nomination packet to TMS Awards.

Current Year Awardee(s)

2024 Sadoway Materials Innovation and Advocacy Award
Yiannis Pontikes
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Past Years Awardees

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