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About the 1997 TMS Annual Meeting: Technical Program Contents

February 9-13 · 1997 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · Orlando, Florida

Orlando '97 Sponsored by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), the 1997 TMS Annual Meeting will be held in Orlando, Florida's Orange County Convention Center, February 9-13, 1997.

Attendees of the meeting can choose from 1,388 presentations in more than 200 technical sessions on the latest scientific and technical developments in materials science and engineering. The complete technical program, including abstracts, dates, times, and room locations of all symposia, is now available in hypertext format and can be viewed by subject matter or in half-day increments.

(Each half-day program file is approx. 300K)
Monday AM
Monday PM
Tuesday AM
Tuesday PM
Wednesday AM
Wednesday PM
Thursday AM

Advances in Coatings Technologies IIRoom 315B
Advances in Electrically Conductive MaterialsRoom 340B
Advances in Synthesis & Processing of Metal Ceramic Matrix CompositesRoom 340B
Alumina & Bauxite TechnologyRoom 230D
Aluminum Dross & Salt Cake ProcessingRoom 231C

Aluminum Reduction TechnologyRoom 230A
Applications of Sensors & Modeling to Materials ProcessingRoom 232A
Aqueous Electrotechnologies: Progress in Theory and PracticeRoom 231A
Aqueous Processing (General Abstract Session)Room 240B

Automotive AlloysRoom 340A
Carbon TechnologyRoom 230C
Cast Shop TechnologyRoom 230B
Unless Otherwise Noted
Casting and Solidification (General Abstract Session)Room 231A
Chemistry & Physics of Nanostructures and Related Nonequilibrium MaterialsRoom 330C
Composites: Mechanical Properties & Processing
(General Abstract Session)
Room 240D
Defining the Core Materials CurriculumRoom 340D
Design & Reliability of Solders & Solder InterconnectionsRoom 332
  • Monday AM--Microelectronic Packaging Technology
  • Monday PM--Design and Reliability of Lead-Tin Solders
  • Tuesday AM--Design and Reliability of Lead-Free Solders and Solder Interconnects
  • Tuesday PM--Reliability of Solder Interconnects
  • Wednesday AM--Interconnect Design and Reliability in Electronic Packages I
  • Wednesday PM--Interconnect Design and Reliability in Electronic Packages II
  • Thursday AM--Interconnect Design and Reliability in Electronic Packages III
Evolution & Advanced Characterization of Thin Film MicrostructuresRoom 340C
Exemplary Practice in the Extractive Metallurgy of CopperRoom 340D
Fundamentals of Gamma Titanium AluminidesRoom 330E
  • Monday AM--Phase Equilibria and Transformations
  • Monday PM--Phase Transformations and Microstructure Evolution
  • Tuesday AM--Processing, Microstructure, and Properties
  • Tuesday PM--Microstructure/Property Relationships--Strength, Plasticity, and Toughness
  • Wednesday AM--Microstructure/Property Relationships--Fatigue, Fracture, and Damage Modeling
  • Wednesday PM--Microstructure/Property Relationships--Creep and Environmental Effects
General Metallurgy (General Abstract Session)Room 231C
General RecyclingRoom 230C

Light Metals 1997

EPD Congress 1997

Global Exploitation of Heap Leachable Gold DepositsRoom 231C
  • Monday AM--Exploration and Development of Shallow Heap Leachable Gold Deposits
  • Monday PM--Bioleaching of Refractory Ores
  • Tuesday AM--Characterization of Refractory Ores and Evaluating Leachability
  • Tuesday PM--Environmental, Climatology, and Community Considerations in Heap Leaching
  • Wednesday AM--Laboratory Evaluation of Heap Leachability
High Temperature SuperconductorsRoom 315A
High Temperature Titanium AlloysRoom 231B
Hume Rothery Award Symposium for Bruno Predel:
Thermodynamics of Alloy Formation
Room 330B
Innovations in AluminumRoom 232B
International Symposium on Processing & Handling of Powders and DustsSalon 6
  • Monday AM--Injection of Powders and Dusts
  • Monday PM--Powder Handling and Instrumentation
  • Tuesday AM--Ceramic Powder Production
  • Tuesday PM--Ceramic Whisker Production, Safety and Health Issues in Powder/Dust Processing
International Symposium on Rhenium and Rhenium AlloysRoom 232C
Unless Otherwise Noted
  • Monday AM--Plenary Session: Welcome and Keynote Addresses
  • Monday PM--Extraction and Recycling of Rhenium
  • Tuesday AM--Chemical Processing of Rhenium Compounds and Catalysts
  • Tuesday PM--Component Design and Fabrication of Rhenium and Its Alloys I
  • Wednesday AM--Processing, Structure and Properties of Rhenium and Its Alloys I
  • Wednesday PM--Room 240D--Component Design and Fabrication of Rhenium and Its Alloys II
  • Wednesday PM--Room 240D--Applications for Radioactive Rhenium
  • Wednesday PM--Processing, Structure and Properties of Rhenium and Its Alloys II
  • Thursday AM--Processing, Structure and Properties of Rhenium and Its Alloys III
  • Thursday AM--Room 231A--"Rhenium Effect" and Alloy Development
  • Thursday AM--Room 232B--Single Crystal Technology: Rhenium and Rhenium Containing Alloys
Light Weight Alloys for Aerospace Application IVRoom 330A
Low Energy Beam Processes in Electronic MaterialsRoom 314B
Materials, Coatings & Processes for Improved Reliability of High Temperature ComponentsSalon 3
Materials & Technologies for MicroelectronicsRoom 314B
Materials for Spallation Neutron SourcesSalon 4
Materials Processing FundamentalsRoom 231B
Mechanical Behavior (General Abstract Session)Room 230D
Metallurgy of Less Common Metals IIRoom 240A
Microstructure/Property Relationships: Corrosion and Deformation
(General Abstract Session)
Room 240C
Microstructure/Property Relationships: Deformation II
(General Abstract Session)
Room 240B
Non-Linear Fracture Processes in Brittle Crystalline SolidsRoom 232B
Physical Metallurgy: Fundamentals & Applications
(General Abstract Session)
Room 232B
Pyrometallurgy & Melting PracticeRoom 230D

Rare Earths, Science, Technology and ApplicationsSalon 8
Recent Advances in Fracture: A Symposium Dedicated to Professor Emeritus Frank A. McClintockRoom 314A
Shaping & Forming of High Performance Powder ProductsSalon 7
Spray Forming--Experiment, Analysis, & ApplicationsRoom 330B
Structure & Properties of Bulk Amorphous AlloysRoom 340A
Structure & Properties of Internal InterfacesRoom 330G
Successful University-Industry Linkage for a Global EconomyRoom 340D
Synthesis of Light-Weight Metallic Materials IIRoom 330F
The Increasing Importance of Secondaries & Residues in Primary & Secondary Cu/Ni SmeltingRoom 340D
  • Wednesday AM--Technical, Economic, and Environmental Effects
Update of the Practice of Copper Electrorefinery Bleed-Off TreatmentRoom 340D

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