TMS2016 Co-Located Events

The following independent events will be co-located with the TMS 2016 Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

Town Hall Meeting on the Rise of Data in Materials Research
Date: Wednesday, February 17
Time: Noon to 3:30 p.m.
Location: Omni Nashville Hotel, Legends D
Lunch will be provided.
Who is organizing?
Ellad B. Tadmor and Ryan S. Elliott, University of Minnesota
Who should attend?
This town hall meeting is open to all TMS2016 attendees interested in expressing an opinion on the role of data in materials research. There is no charge for participation, but advance registration for this town hall is required. Please register by February 9. Space is limited, and registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
What is this about?
Materials research is currently undergoing a revolution driven by the generation and integration of vast amounts of data through experimental and computational means. This development has great potential to dramatically advance the creation of predictive methodologies coupling theory, computation, and experimentation for the design of new materials. At the same time, it is important that a focus on data does not degrade the "thought-based" approach to Science where enlightened thinking, informed by experiment and computations, leads to simple models that capture the essence of physical phenomena.

The materials research community must grapple with the data revolution to determine how to best take advantage of it while avoiding the pitfalls. There are many questions. Some deal with technical issues, such as best practices for the storage, handling, manipulation, and sharing of vast datasets. Others deal with more fundamental aspects of our discipline, such as whether and how the education of materials researchers must change, how the contribution of young researchers to data infrastructures can be recognized, and how new knowledge can be extracted from data. Answers to these questions will inform our own field moving forward and provide a roadmap to funding agencies in determining how to make best use of limited resources.

The TMS Town Hall Meeting is one in a series that is meant to engage the materials research community in this discussion. The series began at a two-day National Science Foundation (NSF) Workshop held on the campus of the University of Maryland, June 29-30, 2015. The workshop was attended by about 80 leading materials researchers from academia, industry and government with experience in both hard and soft matter and theory, computations, and experiments. The participants were divided into groups to address the types of questions described above. The recommendations from these groups will be presented at the TMS Town Hall Meeting and opened for public debate. The meeting will be recorded and the feedback obtained will be integrated into a report being compiled to accurately reflect our community’s perspective on the role of data in materials research.

Funding provided by the National Science Foundation and TMS.

Learn more about the Rise of Data in Materials Research project.

NASA’s 2040 Vision for Integrated Multiscale Materials and Structures Modeling/Simulation Workshop
Date: Thursday, February 18
Time: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Omni Nashville Hotel, Legends F/G
Who is organizing?
Xuan (Schwan) Liu, Pratt & Whitney
How do I participate?
There is no cost to participate in this event, but advance registration is required. Contact Xuan (Schwan) Liu, workshop organizer, to RSVP for this event.
What is this about?
The workshop will cover:
  1. Roadmap Development for achieving a computationally assisted design and certification for advanced materials utilization in emerging aeronautical vehicle applications
  2. Define gaps in tools and technology
  3. Review of industry-wide Vision survey
  4. Breakout sessions on focused topics
  5. Interdisciplinary participation and perspectives

This workshop is organized by NASA in cooperation with Pratt & Whitney, ESI, Blue Quartz Software, Boeing Co., Rolls-Royce, and United Technologies Research Center.

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