Frontiers of Materials Award

The TMS Frontiers of Materials Award will be given competitively to a top-performing early career professional capable of organizing a Frontiers of Materials Event comprising a hot or emergent technical topic at the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

The award recipient will organize a Frontiers of Materials Event, which can take the form of a full symposium or single-session symposium. Up to $5,000 can be used at the recipient’s discretion to offset any non-standard direct expenses associated with conducting the Frontiers of Materials Event, including the use of special session room elements, the issuance of registration waivers, and up to $500 in travel support per person for invited speakers.

The recipient will deliver a keynote lecture during the Frontiers of Materials Event to be followed by invited talks from top researchers in the topic area and will be invited to organize a suite of thematic papers for an upcoming issue of JOM. A plaque will also be presented to the award recipient during the TMS-AIME Awards Ceremony.

The award will be issued competitively to candidates who:
  • Propose a topic area that the selection committee views as
    1. Novel, exciting, and not well captured in existing TMS programming
    2. A reasonable growth direction for TMS
  • Are ten or fewer years removed from his/her terminal degree
  • Have demonstrated success in the proposed topic area
  • Have identified the TMS technical committee that is most closely aligned with the topic and
    1. Either, have already coordinated with the committee to gain support for the topic
    2. Or, have clear plans to coordinate with the committee


  • Must complete an application form for the planned symposium
  • Must be 10 or fewer years removed from his/her terminal degree
  • Have demonstrated success in the proposed topic area
  • Availability to attend the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition in which the symposium will be held and the award conferred
  • Must not be a previous recipient of this award
  • Applicants need not be a member of TMS

How to Apply

Submission Deadline: April 1 of each year.

The candidate’s self-nomination package must contain the following elements:
  • Completed application form
  • The nominee’s current CV
  • The proposed title for the Frontiers of Materials Event and the proposed format (i.e., full symposium or single-session symposium)
  • The TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition at which the Frontiers of Materials Event is to be held
  • A 300-word (or less) description of the topic area and a scope statement, emphasizing the topic’s novelty within the TMS landscape and its impact on materials science and engineering or related fields
  • A 150-word (or less) description of the candidate’s qualifications to be both the event’s keynote speaker and organizer
  • A list of 4-8 subject-matter expert speakers who would be invited to speak during the Frontiers of Materials Event and the candidate’s plan for recruiting them
  • A statement as to the degree of contact the candidate has had or plans to have with the TMS technical committee most closely aligned with the topic.
Send complete nomination packet to the TMS Program Committee staff liaison.

Current Year Awardee(s)

2020 Frontiers of Materials Award
Keith Brown
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2020 Frontiers of Materials Award
Natasha Vermaak
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Past Years Awardees

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