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Functional Materials for Printed, Flexible, and Wearable Electronics

Manuscript Submission Deadline: April 01, 2018
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Publication Date: September 2018
Keywords: Additive Manufacturing,Advanced Materials,Advanced Processing,Computational Materials Science & Engineering,Computer Applications and Process Control,Electronic Materials,Energy,Energy Conversion and Storage,Environmental Effects,Environmental Issues,Experimental Methods,ICME,Mechanical Properties,Modeling and Simulation,Nanotechnology,Nuclear Materials,Precious Metals,Synthesis and Processing,Thin Films and Interfaces
Scope: Additive manufacturing and printed electronics technologies employing metal, dielectric, polymer, and ceramic materials have the potential to enable new products and markets. Advanced additive manufacturing and direct-write techniques in combination with rapidly expanding material and device sets and their application range have the potential to meet the cost and performance demands of future manufacturing technologies. Advances in nanomaterial synthesis, ink development, low-temperature substrates and curing techniques, and 2D/3D device designs will define the path towards a practical technology. This special topic is devoted to the emerging manufacturing concepts and techniques for the processing of 2D/3D structures and integration of functional electronic components and devices on engineered geometries. Advances in energy harvesting and storage devices are essential to drive low-cost, low-power sensors and implement multifunctional sensor systems. Functional materials, low-temperature processing, large area manufacturing, and electronic applications are within the scope of this topic. Invited and contributed papers will discuss both the fundamental aspects underlying certain applications and the particular challenges regarding technology, fabrication processes, and reliability.
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