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Phase Stability in Extreme Environments

Manuscript Submission Deadline: May 01, 2023 (Manuscripts not accepted more than 6 months prior to this date)
Guest Editor: XiaoXiang Yu
Co-Guest Editors: Andrew Hoffman
Publication Date: November 2023
Keywords: Alloy Phases, Environmental Effects, Phase Transformations, Oxidation, Corrosion, Irradiation, Stress
Scope: Structural materials for extreme environments can suffer from various instabilities that will likely impact long-term performance. Understanding phase stability is paramount to enhancing the lifetime of critical components. This special topic includes experimental and/or theoretical efforts on (1) Phase separation or dissolution in corrosive environments; (2) radiation effects on phase stability; (3) deformation-induced phase transformations; (4) thermal aging/cycling impacts; and (5) phase stability on environmentally assisted cracking and/or hydrogen embrittlement.
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