Be a Materials Explorers™ STEM Ambassador

Materials Explorers™ is a TMS educational outreach initiative that exposes high school students to STEM concepts through popular culture references, examples of real-world applications, and connections with real-life scientists and engineers.

Help bring materials science and engineering to life for students in your community by joining the group of TMS members who visit local schools or hold classroom visits via video conference.

Why Should You Volunteer with Materials Explorers™?

The benefits to your career include the opportunity to:

  • Shape the next generation of materials scientists and engineers
  • Raise awareness about the materials field
  • Build your credentials as an outreach ambassador for STEM

Time Commitment

Varies. Classroom visits typically last one hour but this may increase if volunteers wish to help with class activities during their visit. Volunteers can also expect to spend five to ten hours preparing for their visit by communicating with the school, applying for any required clearances, and customizing their presentations for the classroom visit. There is no requirement on how many schools a volunteer visits or how often; this is left to the volunteer’s discretion.

How to Get Started

To learn more, visit the Materials Explorers™ website or contact