Magnesium Committee

JOM Topics

The following topics appear in recent issues of JOM under the sponsorship of our committee.
Date: September
Organized By: Sean Agnew and Victoria Miller
Title: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering of Magnesium (ICME of Mg)
Date: August 2017 (Paper Submission Deadline: March 1, 2017)
Organized By: Vivneet V. Joshi
Title: Corrosion of Magnesium in Multimaterial Systems
Date: December 2016
Organized By: Dmytro Orlov
Title: Advances and Achievements in In-Situ Analysis of Corrosion and Structure-Property Relationship in Mg and Mg Alloys
Date: October 2015
Organized By: James Saal
Title: Age-Hardenable Microalloying in Magnesium