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Materials Science and Policy for Environmentally Benign Elec
Materials Science and Policy for Environmentally Benign Elec
Materials Science and Policy for Environmentally Benign Electronics
John Lincoln, Andrew Shapiro, Jean-Daniel Saphores, Julie Schoenung & Oladele Ogunseitan, presenters

The electronics industry is well established worldwide, but it remains among the most fast-paced in terms of product design, manufacturing strategies, demand for new materials, consumer satisfaction, and changing landscape of legislative initiatives.

This webinar focuses on how concerns over environmental quality and human health are driving innovations in materials use and government policies, and on how economic considerations, consumer preferences, and differences in national and international agreements moderate the trajectory and geographical coverage of innovative solutions.

The presentations will be privately recorded September 27th, 2007, and then made available for download and playback by registrants immediately afterward. Presenters will be available for questions and comments through a discussion board hosted by the Lead-Free Solder Community of Materials Technology@TMS. To keep the interactivity element of the event intact, webinar presenters will monitor this discussion for two months after the event and respond to postings/discussions that may appear as appropriate.

Presentations include:

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes

There is a discounted price, $129, for academic institutions. To receive this price customers should contact TMS Customer Service at (724) 776-9000, ext. 256.

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Publisher: TMS
Product Format: Webcast
Date Published: September 27, 2007


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