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MS&T20 Virtual Delivers a Month of Online Learning

During the week of November 2-6, TMS, the American Ceramic Society, and the Association for Iron & Steel Technology held MS&T20 Virtual, the first all-virtual installment of the Materials Science & Technology Conference series. The event offered more than 1,100 registrants from around the world the chance to view select presentations live during the week and to access recorded talks on their own schedules through the end of the year. 

Many of the live events at this year’s meeting covered broad topics, such as looking at current trends in engineering education, offering valuable advice to early-career professionals, and examining how diversity makes us stronger.

“Materials science in and of itself was born out of the intersection of multiple disciplines,” said Karl Reid, Ed.D., Executive Director, National Society of Black Engineers, during Broadening Participation in the Materials Science and Engineering Profession, a town hall event held at MS&T20. “Intersections create new concepts and new ideas, which is why diversity matters.”

The event also featured a presentation by Olivia Graeve, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California, San Diego, and a live in-depth panel discussion offering insights from Reid, Graeve, and panelists Ellen Cerreta, TMS Vice President and Division Leader, Materials Science and Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Keith Bowman, Dean, College of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Maryland Baltimore County; and Marc Brooks, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Nucor Corporation.

The full session has been made available to all viewers free-of-charge as a resource for the community. You can view the presentation through the MS&T20 website.  

Curricular Innovations and Continuous Improvement of Academic Programs (and Satisfying ABET along the Way): The Elizabeth Judson Memorial Symposium, held live on Monday, November 2, featured a series of presentations on curricular development and effective pedagogical approaches in materials science and engineering fields. As part of the symposium, Jeffrey Fergus, Auburn University, led the panel discussion "Preparing Students for the Materials Genome Initiative Workforce" and Kester Clarke, Colorado School of Mines, moderated the panel,  "Workforce Development: Do Our Materials Science & Engineering Curricula Meet Workforce Needs?"

On Thursday, November 5, Charles Ward, Chief Manufacturing and Industrial Technologies Division, Air Force Research Laboratory, offered an overview of the topic of Integrating Materials and Manufacturing during the TMS/ASM Joint Distinguished Lectureship in Materials and Society. The following day, four panelists held a related discussion on the Materials Genome Initiative and Materials R&D in the 2020s. The panel was moderated by James A. Warren, Director, Materials Genome Program, Material Measurement Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and featured insights by panelists Julie Christodoulou, Office of Naval Research; Linda Sapochak, National Science Foundation; and John Vetrano, Department of Energy.

Nearly 900 presentations were recorded in symposia spanning 13 technical tracks. All of these presentations remain available to MS&T registrants through December 31. 

If you didn’t participate in the live event, you can still register for the conference through the MS&T20 website. Registration will give you access to all recorded technical presentations as well as to recorded live events.

Award Lectures and Honorary Symposia Announced for TMS2021

As preparations move forward for the TMS 2021 Annual Meeting & Exhibition (TMS2021) in March, you can preview some of the award lectures, honorary symposia, and division speakers planned for this year’s event.

First, several of the TMS technical divisions have selected lecturers to speak at their division gatherings at TMS2021:
  • TMS Structural Materials Division (SMD) Lecture
    "Pushing Structural Performance of Materials by Combining Alloy Design with Disruptive Manufacturing Technologies," Rajiv Mishra, University of North Texas
  • TMS Extraction & Processing Division (EPD)/Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division (MPMD) Lecturer
    "Qualification and Certification Strategies for Additive Manufactured Parts for Manned Spaceflight," Richard Russell, NASA
Also featured at TMS2021 will be the following distinguished honors and awards lecturers:
  • Extraction & Processing Division Distinguished Lecturer
    "Ferronickel - Thermodynamics, Chemistry, and Economics," Rodney Jones, Mintek
  • William Hume-Rothery Award Lecturer
    “High-Throughput Measurements of Composition-Dependent Properties of Alloy Phases for Accelerated Alloy Design Presentation," Ji-Cheng (JC) Zhao, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Institute of Metals/Robert Franklin Mehl Award Lecturer 
    Tresa Pollock, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Young Professional Tutorial Lecturers 
    "Electrochemical Healing of Metals: A New Way to Repair Additive and Cellular Metals at Room Temperature," James Pikul, University of Pennsylvania
    "Integrated Computational Materials Design for Alloy Additive Manufacturing," Wei Xiong, University of Pittsburgh

Learn more about these speakers and presentations at the Special Lectures web page.

In addition, several symposia are planned in honor of distinguished members of the TMS community:
  • Materials Engineering—From Ideas to Practice: An EPD Symposium in Honor of Jiann-Yang Hwang
  • Aluminum Reduction Technology Across the Decades: An LMD Symposium Honoring Alton T. Tabereaux, Halvor Kvande and Harald A. Øye
  • Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts—Concurrent Alloy Design and Processing Science: An LMD Symposium Honoring Raymond Decker
  • Seeing is Believing—Understanding Environmental Degradation and Mechanical Response Using Advanced Characterization Techniques: An SMD Symposium in Honor of Ian M. Robertson
Learn more about these sessions and honorees at the Honorary Symposia web page, and visit the TMS2021 website regularly for updates on the meeting.
Webinar Planned on U.S. Funding Opportunities

“Trends and Opportunities in Future Federally Funded Research” is a webinar set for Thursday, November 19, 2020, from 1:00 to 2:15 p.m., ET. A panel of speakers from government organizations will discuss trends and answer questions about federally funded R&D within materials science and engineering (MS&E) and manufacturing-related domains, including some opportunities involving interdisciplinary collaboration and activities. 

Moderator Alexis C. Lewis, from the Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation in the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Engineering, will be joined by Richard W. Fonda, Office of Naval Research & U.S. Naval Research Laboratory; Sarah Kleinbaum, Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office; and John A. Schlueter, Division of Materials Research in the National Science Foundation’s Directorate of Mathematical & Physical Sciences.

Register to watch the webinar live or on demand. This webinar is available at no cost to TMS members or $50 for non-members.