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Welcome to the Functional Materials Division (FMD)

The FMD Council is comprised of the chairs and vice chairs from nine technical committees, including the Additive Manufacturing Committee, which is a bridge committee spanning all five technical divisions, and three committees which are shared with the Structural Materials Division: the Alloy Phases Committee, the Biomaterials Committee, and the Chemistry & Physics of Materials Committee. Additionally, there is representation from eight TMS Functional Committees and Young Leader Professional Development Award recipients. 

As a member-driven society, active participation of TMS members is critical to the well-being of our division and the society overall. The vision of TMS is to be the professional society of choice for the worldwide minerals, metals, and materials community. This can only be achieved by meeting the technical, professional, and organizational needs of our members. To realize this, we need an active, engaged membership. The committees that comprise FMD encompass a wide range of materials applications and phenomena. Thus, FMD is well positioned to contribute to the solution of very complex technological challenges that require the building of interdisciplinary connections, such as the ones that FMD facilitates among its members. To increase the impact of FMD within TMS and the materials community at large, we need active members who contribute by participating in the organization of symposia and with special issues of JOM; by assisting with the organization of short courses and webinars, which contribute to the further professional development of our members; by mentoring junior members, etc. 

The fast track to these many endeavors is through active membership in technical committees; therefore, I encourage you to attend any technical meeting (as a guest) held at the time of the TMS Annual Meeting. If after your initial engagement with a specific technical committee you are interested in officially becoming a member of a committee, please contact the committee chair(s) or myself. If you have suggestions for programming, content dissemination, or professional development topics, please do not hesitate to contact me, or any other member of our FMD Division Council. We want to hear from you! Together, we can make the Functional Materials Division of TMS central to our professional lives. 


Raymundo Arróyave, FMD Chair (2017-2020)

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