Powder Materials Committee

The Powder Materials Committee is part of the Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division.

Our Mission: The theory and practice of all aspects of particulate materials synthesis, processing, and characterization.



JOM March 2019 Issue - Focus: Effective Production and Recycling of Powder Materials

Description: Major roadblocks to the wide-scale commercialization of powder materials are scale-up in synthesis and production, recycling of powder materials in different applications, the cost of re-use, as well as the effects of recycled powder materials on the properties and performance of the final products. Powder materials, with their unique attributes and flexibility in processing, can pose technical challenges in large quantity production, handling, or maintaining the consistency of the powder properties. Many of these materials can interact with the environment and sometimes lead to inferior performance, or even environmental hazards. In addition, for expensive powder materials or large scale uses, re-use and recycling are oftentimes necessary. This JOM Focus Issue will cover powder materials issues related to powder materials production and recycling. This topic can be especially relevant to additive manufacturing. Powder reusability, cost, and effect on product properties are especially of interest.

Keywords: Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Advanced Processing, Characterization, Composites, Energy, Environmental Effects, Manufacturing and Markets, Mechanical Properties, Physical Properties, Synthesis and Processing

Focus Issue Guest Editor: Kathy Lu, Virginia Tech

Submission Deadline: September 1, 2018

Please visit the following link for submission guidelines: https://www.springer.com/engineering/journal/11837

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