Solidification Committee

Technical Programming

2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition: Algorithm Development in Materials Science and Engineering: Organized by Mohsen Asle Zaeem; Mark Tschopp; Jonathan Zimmerman; Ebrahim Asadi; Mark Horstemeyer

As computational approaches to study the science and engineering of materials becomes more vital, it is critical to develop and improve techniques and algorithms that leverage ever-expanding computational resources. These algorithms can impact areas such as: data acquisition and analysis from sophisticated microscopes and other types of laboratory equipment, analysis and extraction of critical quantitative metrics from numerical simulations of materials behavior, and the ability to leverage specific computer architectures for revolutionary improvements in simulation analysis time, power, and capability. This symposium solicits abstract submissions from researchers who are developing new algorithms and/or designing new methods for performing computational research in materials science and engineering. Session topics include, but are not limited to: - Advancements that enhance modeling and simulation techniques such as density functional theory, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo simulation, dislocation dynamics, phase-field modeling, and finite element analysis, - New techniques for simulating the complex behavior of materials at different length and time scales, - Computational methods for analyzing results from simulations of materials phenomena, and - Approaches for data mining, machine learning, high throughput databases, and extracting useful information from large data sets of numerical results.

2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition: CFD Modeling and Simulation in Materials Processing: Organized by Laurentiu Nastac; Koulis Pericleous; Adrian Sabau; Lifeng Zhang; Brian Thomas

This symposium deals with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and simulation of engineering processes. Papers are requested from researchers and engineers involved in the modeling of multiscale and multiphase phenomena in material processing systems. The symposium focuses on the CFD modeling and simulation of metal processes including continuous casting of alloys, electromagnetic stirring (EMS) and ultrasonic cavitation and stirring (UST) processing, controlled solidification processes, casting, forging, welding, heat treating, and VAR/ESR/PAM/EBM remelting processes; manufacturing of advanced metal-matrix-composites and nanocomposites via controlled melting and solidification processing, powder metallurgy, coatings including PVD, CVD, and plasma-assisted EBM-PVD technologies; and other surface and/or additive engineering processes including induction, ultrasonic, laser, and EB thermal processing. The symposium also deals with applications of CFD to engineering processes and demonstrates how CFD can help scientists and engineers to better understand the fundamentals of engineering processes.

2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition: Frontiers in Solidification Science and Engineering: Organized by Mohsen Asle Zaeem; Damien Tourret; Mohsen Eshraghi; Johannes H�tzer

This symposium is focused on providing a forum for emerging developments in experimental, analytical, and computational solidification science and engineering. The objective is to bring together leading researchers in the field of solidification to discuss new advances within solidification science and methodologies for translating this new knowledge to practical applications. Topics of interest include the fundamentals of solidification (e.g. nucleation, morphological stability, and interface kinetics), in-situ observation, microstructure and defect formation and analysis, mushy zone dynamics, multi-scale phenomena, multi-scale computational methods, and novel processing techniques. Contributions presenting novel characterization techniques, property measurements, and computational simulations are encouraged.